Anybody wanna do something new for the label?


Haven’t been around in a while obviously, not sure if there’s anything happening.

Maybe another open genre comp could pop up? Been wanting a reason to kick back into a DAW.

Open genre comps always seemed to have big participation. Maybe we can stir up some buzz and get somethin’ growin’.


Nice to see you back here! Have been wondering what you are up to.

I would love to see another compi and contribute a track, working on something IDMish at the moment. No idea what @RFJ is planning and/or is busy with though. Hope he’s fine and shows up again soon.

In any case, I would love to listen to some new stuff from you!


There have been good challenges that @bfk and @Slime have really stepped up to keep going throughout this year. I got involved with the music ones and it’s been great to push me out of my comfort zone and get me basically making DnB. Come to think of it, I need to submit an idea to the master thread and get us working on more music…


I’d be interested.
I’ve recently got so tired of facebook’s suppression via it’s “relevance algorithins” and I really want to get back to posting on forums again. It’s my own personal backlash.
I remember how integral this, and a few other forums were, and I think others are walking away from facebook too.

So yeah, I’d be interested in contributing some music. I’ve always missed being on these comps before, so it’d be great to finally catch one.


Hey everyone! I was just talking to a couple people about this actually. Interesting this has come up at the same time.

You guys thinking open genre? Any criteria you want to suggest?

Great to see everyone again. All good over here, just super busy with work and whatnot.


My suggestion would be open genre but with a theme…so that the tracks are unified in some way.

Happiness/ joy
The frontier of space…

We Dont have to use these specific themes…

So Basically an open genre soundtrack to something… is my thinking.

Edit whatever is fine with me.


I agree, I also remember having an idea for giving an album cover already finished as a visual prompt and having everybody soundtrack the cover. That might be a fun idea that helps keep tracks in line.


Awesome, great to hear that you are doing fine and perfect timing :smiley:


I was going to suggest the private memoirs of a sheet of bubblewrap, but happy to use a cover as a cue too…

Exclusive to the comp or something that may already be made but fits the tone ?


My stupid recommendation of the day would be ‘found sounds’. Everyone’s got a pretty decent mic on the phone that’s in their pocket, put it to good use and fuck shit up :smiley:



I like @bfk suggestions. But also, I’m also into letting the music go wherever it needs to go…


Yeah, I’ve been absent for too long. Work, family, etc etc etc. Nice to see people still hanging around keeping the place going.

We have two suggestions I believe….

Themed comp - happiness, joy, light, darkness, the vastness of space and whatnot

Found sounds

How about we combine the two. Not too strict rules. Pick a theme, use some found sounds somehow. Sounds right up my alley actually.


Seems like it would still be pretty open that way.


I’m down.
I just hope it doesn’t fizzle out and we can keep the momentum going


definitely up my alley. Cool to see some response, I always felt some open-ish concepts were accessible for the wide range of folks here, looks like we might be able to get somethin’ official goin again!

cheers @RFJ


My main comment is that wide open, open genres are hell to put together because the tracks are so random. Some kind of theme at least please : ) edit: ya’ll got it. Cool. I’ll participate if I can.


Sounds like we have a group here that could potentially put something together that’s worth a damn.

I’ll work on getting some details up tomorrow, officially.

Thanks for speaking up.


Is it Sunday already, lol.

I’ll get something up here soon, trust me.

Sorry for the delay.