Announcing IDMf066 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


The IDMf Netlabel returns to announce our 66th release -

Competition Type: Open Genre

Deadline: November 15th, 2023
Exact timing isn’t important as submissions can be accepted late upon request and date extension can be considered.

Description & Restrictions: This is a soundtrack based compilation ie the soundtrack to something one would feel or a concept. Certain feelings like joy, sadness, melancholy or a concept such as the vastness of space, or anything similar you can come up with provided you can articulate what that is with a coherent description. Minimal restrictions however incorporating found sounds in some way is heavily encouraged.

General Submission Information: All IDMf Netlabel demo submissions should be sent to or via private message to @RFJ.

Please leave -3 to -6dbfs peak on your clean (no fx) master channel.

It is also ideal if you send it in at 24 bit 44.1 Khz. (Sending at greater than 24 is not a problem, and less than this can be managed, but your quality will suffer, so please do attempt this standard).

Please send a streaming/downloadable link, no attachments. Please include artist name and forum name if they are different.

Full submission policy can be found here, for those who are interested -

Release Date & Title: TBD

MISCELLANY: Should you find any of the above unclear please feel free to post any questions related to this comp in this thread. Additionally, should you find any thematic aspects you think of or come across inspiring enough to discuss publicly, please…don’t be shy and make a post. And finally, once you have settled on something thematically please let us know as it might inspire those who find inspiration lacking.

The IDMforums is an Electronic Music Discussion Board so anything you would like to say about your process or general related thoughts along the way, again…don’t be shy. This is a theme based VA Compilation however the parameters are loose. That said, do not allow any of our parameters be a barrier to working on and submitting something, we are confident a thematic eliminant could be applied to your project after the fact.

The IDMf Netlabel contains a rich history of releases dating back to 2009’s IDMf001: In Depth Melodics. The IDMf Netlabel Catalog is linked throughout this post but can also be found here -

The IDMf Netlabel is an IDMforum Community created, ongoing Creative Commons based project
Currently Cureated by - RFJ

Anybody wanna do something new for the label?




You’re giving me a reason to dust off unfinished stuff and get back to it. Nice :slight_smile:


I’m in, for sure.


Can’t wait to see what you guys make. :smiley:


Stoked to see some participation here! I have already received 1 submission too. If we get enough we might even be able to cut a few so it becomes a real competition, lol.

Cut, cut, cut, cut….

I love cutting.




Lol inappropriate emojis


Also my sub just needs some compression imo…



I have something in the works. Let’s see if I find time to finish it. Fatherhood is relentless!


exciting :eyes::eyes:


Just posting to sub before I forget again. Less than a month to put something together, would probably be a good idea if I kept an eye on that. I have an idea for a track but I didn’t get to start it tonight because I was moving my synths back into my room (after remodeling, but that’s waaaayyy off topic). So anyways, yeah, I have an idea I’m going to start on soon.


yea, I’m giving myself just 3 mornings/afternoons before work to get it done, mostly just on my sampler


Looking forward to this release! Working on something for it, too, at the moment it’s an experimental glitchy DNB beat, but let’s see where it goes. Have to clean it up a bit first, modify some parts and add some vocals…


I have the structure of my song in place, not mixed yet. BUT, I think it might be too club-y sounding and repetitive even for an open genre IDM piece. I’m going to try working on the drums some more as I just have a basic 4-bar loop right now. Hopefully if I get that to 32 bars with some glitchy fills and whatnot it will feel better. If not though, I think I’ll have to come up with another idea.


Nothing wrong with the club sound man. It’s what all the kids are into these days. IDM is dead.



Also im not running this comp…just wanted help wn with his song…not dictating just suggesting.

Nothing wrong with a 4/4 kick…throughout…

But its an open genre comp so the song has to be special…

And by special i suggest it evolves throughout…

I suggest this structural formula…@white noise…

Intro, bridge 1, verse, bridge 2, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge 3, breakdown,

bridge 4, phase 2, insert musical sounds that gives listeners a mental orgasm, bridge 5, outro…

Basically have fun composing…basically do a club version of vivaldi…thats what deadmau5 does.



Hmm…i have doubts about my submission…i tried something in the style of ginormous…idk…oh well i guess.


what is the netlabel stance on sampling commercial work these days?


I love Ginormous. I was gutted he kind of disappeared and stopped making music.


The official Netlabel stance is…

Sue us for what?

Sample away.