Announcing IDMf066 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


forcing so much restraint on myself to not submit a track before its properly refined :sweat_smile:


Update: the track has taken an unexpected turn. I think it’s getting suitably IDM now, though I still need to get past the placeholder drums.

It will either be one of the best songs I’ve ever done or 10 minutes RFJ can never get back - no in between. I deleted prior versions of the project, so here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:


Hmm, I tried to submit but it looks like SC spit out the wrong version of the ‘share’ link. Will try again


I think my track is just about done, shaved it down to 9:15 !

Going to sleep on it for another night before I call it finished, there might be something I’m not hearing because I just worked on it for almost 4 hours straight.


Better late than never. Started mine today. Traveling far out on the fringes drugged up dance music. 156bpm … da fuk am I doing???


Someone in this thread gave me a prod so I’m in. G
On hols atm so will have a think on the Op reqs and see what I’ve got in the bag. So many in the pipeline want to reflect which will be best suited. Is it one track per artist or can we sub more cause I love a good double rejection :joy:
Hoping Jazzyspoon will come back in and participate. Not sure where he’s at nowadays but do miss his contributions along with a few others.

@all Time to revive and stay alive.


9:15! I’ve gone for the standard “radio edit” approach of 3:15 :smiley:


These days I’m more inclined to shorten my songs, since “ain’t nobody got time for that” aka nobody listens to long songs anymore (which sucks, but what can you do). Trying to keep it in the 4-5 minutes max range.

My entry for this is roughly 85% done. I’m very happy with the song & concept so far.


After sleeping on it for a few days, and early feedback from outside of IDMf, I think I am going to shorten it. I think dropping to around 7-8 minutes shouldn’t be too difficult, should get rid of the worst of the repetiviness. Plus, getting back into the project with fresh objectives might help me tighten up a few other things that were “good enough” before.


@Slime submission received.

Not yet downloaded though so keep it up if you can until the deadline. I like to grab them all at once.



Pulled out the digital razor blade today and chopped my track down to 7:00 from 9:15, and I think it was for the best. Really just threw away everything where there wasn’t automation moving, just kept the parts that I need to transition from the start state to the end state. I suspect to a listener there’s now enough going on for the duration to keep you engaged.

Going to sit it on it for a bit more and re-work the drums, but just now it’s dinner time.


What is the policy if a track gets accepted, can I use it on a project later on? I have a track I want to submit but it also will be featured at some point on a personal project.


Use as you see fit. IDMf has never been a stickler for ownership rights on peoples music dating right back to IDMf001. It’s all CC BY anyway.

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I actually submitted a few days ago (and hear one thing I’d consider changing now). Just had a lot going on IRL this week and forgot to let everyone know.


I received your original PM @White_Noise just to confirm but if you want to make corrections and submit another that’s fine.


Just submitted something for this :partying_face:


Thanks. I’ll take another listen later. I got my Covid shot yesterday and turns out I’m super sick now (which definitely started yesterday afternoon, looking back), so my hearing might be off. I don’t know if I need to make a tweak or not until I get better. Typing on my keyboard feels like a bassdrum going off in my jaw, so can’t really trust the 'ol earholes right now.


I got the Covid & flu shots a month-ish ago. Was feeling off for a couple days with painful arms.

I actually got Covid last week (at a friend’s wedding…). The effect was mild: mostly feeling “out there”, tired, some night sweat/shakes one night, bit of a sore throat that lasted 2, maybe 3 days at the max. So all in all, not complaining.

After that, on Friday night last week just before going to see Nick Cave (excellent solo show), I discovered the carpet was all wet and the wall had mold growing on it and on/inside some storage boxes. Turns out the shower in my apt leaked in the wall of my sliding door closet office (and music room), damaging books, mostly.

After finding the leak, repairing the broken part and removing the moldy drywall, the repairmen are coming tomorrow to fix & paint the wall. The carpet has to be replaced as well. All in all, what a pain in the ass and there goes my hopes of working on my submission this week. Hopefully sometimes next week then, unless another shitty random event happens…


Damn, hope it didn’t ruin anything too valuable. Sounds like a very close call with the music room :open_mouth:


dude that sucks! all the best man. hope you get it sorted fast! My brothers studio flooded a few years ago. lucky he got an insurance payout for some synths that only had some cosmetic damage. soo…bought more synths :smile: