Announcing IDMf066 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


At least you got to see Cave and Greenwood! I’m not really a Nick Cave fan but even I can look at that and see how much of an amazing show it would have been.Just piano and bass right? Legendary.


@metaside got it!

As a reminder please everyone just keep your tracks up and don’t worry if you don’t see anything hit the download count until subs close.


Yup, it could have been much worse. One weird thing is a guitar (thankfully I didn’t care too much about) started getting mold inside its gig bag (on the neck and some strings rusted). I removed the strings & deep cleaned it. Don’t think the electronics got fucked but I haven’t plugged it yet, we’ll see.

The wall was fixed this morning. Now I have to wait on the cleaning of the carpet before I can move my things back and access music desk & synths… Hoping it’s done by next Wednesday at the latest.

I’m going to try & get some monies from the renters’ insurance. Not holding my breath there.


Thank you and well done to your brother - that’s the spirit!!


Yes. He’s such an incredible performer. He would just get up between songs, talk to the audience and you could feel the charisma from a mile away. One of his recent songs is “Balcony Man” so he told folks on the balcony (where I was) to go wild every time he said “balcony man”. That was epic, as we’d get up and scream or clap as loudly as possible throughout the whole song.

I love his early albums - especially “Your funeral…” and “Tender Prey”. Kind of stopped listening for a while after Blixa Bargeld left the Bad Seeds and caught up a bit with his numerous later records recently.


That’s awesome. Nothing quite like a live show especially if it’s music you love that you can give yourself over to. Sounds like you did.




@Manton received :wink:


Hey everyone, I’ve been working on something for this release! I am torn between one of two songs I’ve done. A pure ambient live piece I did with an OB-6, Sub37, and a Lyra-8.
a song built of samples from my library, starts ambient reminiscent of Burial, then changes into something else entirely.


I wanna hear both!


while mine ended up basically being a bootleg


1 week/7 days 'n counting…


I love the idea of both pieces and would love to hear each one. If you’re open to it, submit both.


I submitted the ambient one already, just checking the peaks on the second submission.


heh, I always feel like my stuff never fits the idmf vibe

edit: honestly just having a little anxiety today and funneling into worrying about this seemed fairly harmless lol


dude this is gonna be an awesome release. can’t wait <3


this needs to be discussed on a side topic. my goodness i’ve been wanting to discuss track length for a long time <3


Dude! Where’s your submission? You got time :slight_smile:


i’ll think about it seriously tonight. but i might pass. my life is not very stable atm. i wouldn’t want to throw something into the universe that i made foolishly. and regret it later. i got to take a long look at my life. and consider alot of stuff. but i want to. i really do. and i may- i just need 2 days to think it over. what really means worthiness ya know?


Of course. Look after yourself. :slight_smile: