Announcing IDMf066 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


eh fuck it, ya’ll are getting my hot pop dance gorbage.


I might submit something for the first time. I’m extremely reluctant, since I still think my stuff is absolutely terrible, but I’ll give it a go.


I doubt it’s objectively terrible and even if it is everyone’s was that way at one point in time.

Looking forward to hearing it.


No worries, you’d be surprised what we’ll make room for on an album sometimes. You’ll never know if you don’t try, and if you don’t make the cut it’s not like we publicly ridicule you.


Andrew, I’ve listened to some of your music. You got skills. Please submit if you want!


Thanks for the kind words. I just don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with my own work but that’s not objective, but subjectively biased no doubt. Besides, I figure that as long as you’re never comfortable, you’ll always be improving.


I’ve rarely been this excited about a new song actually. I’ve already developed an intricate concept, within the submission guidelines, upon which to lay the foundation of the song and I seriously cannot wait to tell you about it lol


It’s really cool to see the amount of participation we have and some new folks submitting as well. The team and I will try and keep these a bit more regular as time permits.


News at 10: nobody is, whatever their level.

…with the exception of narcissist-sociopaths but you don’t want to be that :laughing:




I sent my submission! Super proud of this one, it maybe even doesn’t totally suck. :rofl:


Wow dude, that was quick!


Haha yeah, close to the deadline and I’ve been working on it non-stop all day. I can usually finish up a song in an 8 hour sitting. But I’m a firm believer in the idea of “good enough, move along” so I don’t get stuck in one place trying to improve something endlessly to some theoretical “perfection” that doesn’t exist.

But in this case, this song was honestly really easy to make. Having a well defined concept really helped me put everything together and this is one of those rare instances in which the sound we can now all hear ended up exactly like what I had in my head.


I saw you posted it in listening booth. I’ve deleted it as you just need to set the Soundcloud link to “private” and then send the link and your info to I’ll PM you the blurb you wrote so you haven’t lost it.


Ah alrighty. I sent RFJ a PM with a link to download it via Google Drive, along with all the info, before I posted it in the listening booth. I was actually wondering whether or not I could upload it to SoundCloud publicly but I read in the submission info, “2. You … are freely permitted to share your content in any manner which you choose.” so I figured it would be fine lol


We should clarify - that applies after the release is announced. Then you can do as you please :slight_smile: Sorry man!


Alrighty thanks for the clarification, makes sense, I’m just really happy with how it turned out so of course I wanted people to hear it haha


@AndrewWinds received your PM. Really love reading your words about the piece. Something like that will be great to use as material during promo should your track be selected. Leave your track up on google drive as I’ll be downloading everything all at once once the submission period closes.


ok i submitted. let me know if there is any issue with access, description, or anything else that may be needed. if the volume is too high i can edit it as well



FYI for anyone who wants it, here is a free tool to run your .wav through. It tells you your RMS peak.

MAZTR: Free Online Audio File Analyzer