Announcing IDMf066 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


Submitted, with 2 days to spare before the deadline!

Magical :smile:


Just a heads up I’m more concerned with sample peak than RMS levels from a mastering context.

I used to be more anal about sample peak levels, but really just don’t send me a master file that is already clipped (and a 32-bit file will not clip) and I can do whatever I need to with that.

I do still appreciate when people can follow the submission guidelines though. I had to master an MP3 for the last album, which was tricky. Don’t make me do that again please.


I was going to send a 32-bit float for this exact reason but the guidelines said 24-bit so I went with that. I made sure there’s no unwanted peaks/clipping anyway.


I render everything from the DAW in 32 bit float but my mastering service sends me back a 320 kbps MP3 usually, because it’s cheaper to do. But this time I had it mastered to 24 bit WAV with a -5.5 dB RMS peak.

I could send an unmastered 32 bit WAV but my raw stuff is mixed to around -17 to -24 dB so you’ll have to master it.


Yeah, that unmastered file is what I’m after. I’ve done most of IDMf’s mastering since 048 (and I’ve been asked back to do this album as well), so I promise your track is in good hands.


I think I sent in a 16bit file for this - it’s my standard at the moment since Unreal Engine only accepts 16bit and I often forget to switch back to something higher… Have to render it in 24 or 32bit again…


OK got some minir tweaking for levels on one and maybe a back up track if I get time.
Deadline tomorrow or tonight just to check :wink:


@white_noise Ok so I get totally confused on levels and scales etc. Is this ok or too low?


That’s fine. From digital there’s no such thing as “too low”, only an analog thing where you need to come in louder than the noisefloor.


I will be grabbing the files today as I have time. I’ll post a list here once I have them all and if you don’t see your name, hit me up. Additionally it has been requested to extend the date to Monday. I have no issue with that as it won’t really hold up the process. I can still get the tracks out for judging and just send any stragglers out come Monday provided everyone is good with that.


yea Monday would be fab for me


Sounds good


Subbed for the cut :slight_smile:
Im not sure on the levels (I honestly get confused ie DIN/RMS/-db and so on).


If it sounds balanced to your ears throughout the piece and you’re not peaking the master bus then no need to worry!


That’s great Manton thanks.
Being all digital and aside from intended saturation I think it’s fine.


after a bit of back and forth i decided to get off my ass and submit something. looking forward to seeing how it goes c:


the turnout for this is marvelous. big congrats everyone for submitting <3 this is gonna be fire


Sending one more for luck! ;/


Just an update….

Still working on downloading the tracks. I have half of them. I’m busy with work stuff and family in the evening so roadblocks throw me off for longer than they should.

All that to say I’m hoping to finish the downloads tomorrow. I’ll update here with what I have once I have them all. If you have sent me a PM, know I’ve received it and if your track is missing once I post my download list we can figure it out.

Thanks for being patient.


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