Announcing IDMf066 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


Nvm… id rather hear the music than wait so long for a picture to the music…

Also 100th post in this thread.


I just need to get a minute to tweak my mix and will submit by Monday evening EST. It might literally be Monday though as I don’t have a day off until then. I got a couple vaccinations in the same day and all the microchips made me sick I guess.


We could ask the AI to provide it.


It’ll be black, monochrome or gray and silver with a title, CAT# and maybe a slight bit of subjective eye candy. That’s how we roll it these days so as to avoid delay. Take a look at 65 for reference.


Pretty sure I have all the files that have been sent to me as of now. I’ll continue to accept stragglers until Monday. The files I have currently are as follows -

Breath of the Abyss
Gadfly (x2)
James Pingle
MystaFx (x2)
All The Morphic Oceans

If you have submitted but don’t see your name on here let me know. Not as many submissions as the “glory days of the forum” but, given the nature of things today I was stoked to get this many. So thanks be to all who participated.


Got a 3rd in the pipeline - just tweaking away - not sure it will make the cut but pressure can pull out surprises (hopefully good) :slight_smile:


I have no problem creating one if you’re interested. A bit of direction, and I can work out something. I’d suggest also thinking about a name for it - it’s always more enticing for listeners. Guess it will depend on submissions/what’s in there.


I’m definitely open to that if that’s something you are interested in doing. Once the team and I get the tracks listened to we can talk more.

As a general rule, I actually don’t want much community input on the cover, it’s usually turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth in my experience. But, the team and I can get you some direction and you can just handle it based on that once we get the tracks sorted out.

We’ll be in touch.


No worries - just thought I’d put the offer out there in case that helps


To clarify - I would love your help. I just don’t want a slew of community involvement beyond that. Love the community, sometimes though, things around here are easier done without it.


Yup. I’ve been in the corporate world for over 2 decades and if there’s one thing that’s clear is that the more people you involve in “executive decisions”, the longer everything takes. Things start going in all directions, through endless changes/rewrites, and you end up with something rather unsatisfying that nobody cares about much anymore :laughing:

Ha! Of course there’s a meme for this:




@Morphic - Have you had a cheeky listen to my subs, cause, if my tracks could be put into a picture…
would represent 100%+


Not sure if this helps or hurts, but the team is free to grab anything I’ve posted here and use it as art. You can crop it, shape it to your liking, and essentially call it yours, no credit or anything attached.


Alright, that does it everyone. Tracks being bundled up and sent off for judging. Between judging, cover art, mastering etc. we are still a few weeks out. We thank everyone for their patience while we wait on what promises to be a stellar release!


Good luck everyone.

I really should of worked on my sub a little more…instead of waiting till today…lol