Announcing IDMf066 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


No such thing as a dumb question.

Please do.


What about just extending the date and getting more subs? I’d keep it open until you feel you have enough to make a cohesive album, just my two cents. Fuck deadlines, open up until it’s got the quality you feel it needs


We feel like most of the people who would submit have had ample opportunity to do so. The forum isn’t 1/10th as active as it used to be. We had some great participation in this from a numbers standpoint considering the state of things at IDMf in 2023.

If all goes as planned we’ll have something new up today / tomorrow.


thanks everyone i hope you have a lovely end of 2023!!! we did a stellar job on this album all contributions and the label knows what is best for the label. good luck everyone


don’t underplay us. we are still breathing. no need to apologize or emphasize any small shortcomings. we are alive & well. and we will prosper. now focus on the netlabel’s integrity. we are IDMf. we stand STRONG. we never have not. we go forward strong. we triumph STRONG. we always have. now move on. what’s next?


I was actually working on that today. Just waiting on one more thing before we hit the button on what we are doing for 066.


Been sick, there was also Christmas, sorry for the delay…