Announcing IDMf066 VA - Breath of the Abyss - An IDMf Remix Competition Compilation


The IDMf Netlabel returns to announce our 66th release -

Competition Type: Open Genre Remix

Deadline: January 26th, 2024
Exact timing isn’t important as submissions can be accepted late upon request and date extension can be considered.

Description & Restrictions: This is an IDMf Netlabel remix compilation competition. Breath of the Abyss provided a stunning track for our last competition that has been selected to be released as our first single of 2024. As such the Netlabel has decided to release it alongside remixes curated by the IDMforum membership base. Below you will find a stream of the original work along with track stems to be used and abused in your remixes. Outside of that, and our submission policy, guidelines are minimal. However, as with any remix, you are encouraged to keep the spirit of the original in mind when making your own creation from the original material.



General Submission Information: All IDMf Netlabel demo submissions should be sent to or via private message to @RFJ.

Please leave -3 to -6dbfs peak on your clean (no fx) master channel.

It is also ideal if you send it in at 24 bit 44.1 Khz. (Sending at greater than 24 is not a problem, and less than this can be managed, but your quality will suffer, so please do attempt this standard).

Please send a streaming/downloadable link, no attachments. Please include artist name and forum name if they are different.

Full submission policy can be found here, for those who are interested -

Release Date & Title: TBD

MISCELLANY: Should you find any of the above unclear please feel free to post any questions related to this comp in this thread.

The IDMforums is an Electronic Music Discussion Board so anything you would like to say about your process or general related thoughts along the way, again…don’t be shy.

The IDMf Netlabel contains a rich history of releases dating back to 2009’s IDMf001: In Depth Melodics. The IDMf Netlabel Catalog is linked throughout this post but can also be found here -

The IDMf Netlabel is an IDMforum Community created, ongoing Creative Commons based project
Currently Cureated by - RFJ & Manton

Announcing IDMf066 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition
IDMf066 VA - Breath of the Abyss - Permutations: Remixed - OUT NOW!



Great track! @Slime. Looking forward to hearing the release!


Very nice work @Slime

066 Remix comp and IDMf feedback

Just meant to get stems set up tonight and I spent 2 hours working on this. So far just added one drum hit and been working mostly on the audio side. Will see if I get deeper into it or just polish up with some extra FX.


Very nice chilled and relaxing track! :clinking_glasses:

Downloading the stems now and I will try to get something down before the year change, next year is gonna get busy…


Lovely tune, @Slime

I usually don’t do remixes and this is not the type of song I would create to start with… so that’s exactly why I’m going to give it a try. No idea what I’m going to end up with, which makes it an exciting challenge :slight_smile:


I’m with you there, I also don’t usually do remixes and it’s not one of the styles that I’m well versed in, so it should be interesting.


Made something on headphones while my son was listening to christmas music, so it should have some holy spirits by acoustic osmosis, kept the synths warped to 90bpm and processed it a bit, effed up some breaks and added some basslines, adjusted the mixdown with my monitors and exporting now :grin:

Hope y’all have a great start into 2024!


Happy New Year everyone!

Great to see some participation here already. @metaside I have received your track. If you can just leave it up until the comp closes and I’ll grab it at the end with all the rest.

Thanks Again Everyone!


Sure, gonna leave it up or send you a new link if I find the time to do a new version!


@White_Noise received your remix as well. Just leave it up if you can until closing.



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Can anyone help with BPM/Time sig/Key for the Permutations stems please, I can’t fathom it out and I cant see any embedded info.



aDDUM - Time stretched % from circa 1.2 bars to 1, around 91% from memorty, so Im guessing 131.8/132 BPM ballpark 4/4.
WIP on the case :slight_smile:


@slime any info on the above?

Thank you!


I clocked it a 110 BPM. 4/4 time.

If you’re unsure about tempo, place into your DAW, change the DAW setting to NOT warp to tempo. Then change the tempo till it sounds on the metronome at the beginning. Click the stem somewhere near the end of the track during playback and if it’s still in sync then that’s your tempo. :smiley:


I had 110 BPM, same as Manton (though I got there with tap tempo, tapping in time to the kick drum).