066 Remix comp and IDMf feedback


I wanted to start working on this remix, but I just can’t get over the feeling that I’m wasting my time here. Permutations is good, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around how this was selected over Cybernetic Dreamscape. While Permutations is a high quality production, it’s so simple and flat and it lacks emotion, movement and inspiration. I’ve listened to this song a dozen times and I always come to the same conclusion. Maybe the judges liked the percussion, or the rolling structure, or maybe my song was too intense with too much going on. But it’s my opinion that any label who would select a song like Permutations over Cybernetic Dreamscape is making questionable direction decisions.

Also, the fact that you haven’t removed the spam comments from SoundCloud, and that your logo image is such low resolution without having been fixed, and the fact that the song has only about 100 plays (and 15 of those were from me) leads me to the inescapable feeling that I’ve outgrown the currently reduced state of IDMf and I’m only here because it’s comfortable.

So with that said, I won’t be submitting anything for this farse of a competition.

Announcing IDMf066 VA - Breath of the Abyss - An IDMf Remix Competition Compilation


Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of getting back what you put out. Had you phrased your inquiry and observations in another way you would be met differently than you are about to be….

First off I’ll give you the SoundCloud, the spam comments and the logo. The only thing I can do about that in the short term is the logo and I have not the time nor space currently to do that. Frankly, the logo is the last thing on my mind.

As for the other stuff…

You realize everything in the world isn’t always about you, right? In fact, 99.9999999999% of things rarely are about you.

What do I mean by that?

Our selection here has nothing to do with Cybernetic Dreamscape or our opinion of it. We selected the track we did for a multitude of reasons, none of which had to do with your track, specifically.

We have a feedback and suggestion section of the forum, by the way. We welcome constructive criticism. But what you have done is come in here, shit talked a fellow artist, called what we do a farse and performed a public takedown of what we do.

News flash, we do this as a hobby. Sure, we have a great affinity for electronic music, the IDMfNetlabel Catalog, and have plans over this year to do some things to hopefully see it grow. However, nobody gives a shit about people like us any more. It’s not 2010. Therefore, the label tries to think of itself in a realistic way and conduct itself as such, which I would encourage you to do the same.

We are limited by our lives and time but we make efforts to do the best we can with what we have given our own personal constraints. Until recently the netlabel was composed of a team of 1. As of last month it’s expanded to two which we are hoping can breathe some new life into what we are doing. Ideally the results of which would bear themselves out in SoundCloud plays, logos etc. However, it’s a long shot that it will but we will continue to try due to our love for IDMfNetlabel history which I mentioned earlier.

If you would like some insight on why Cybernetic Dreamscape was not selected as our first single I would encourage you to post it up in the listening booth and ask. I can honestly say, had we have released 066 in its original form your track would have been on there. I cannot say the same for everyone else who submitted.

All that to say, we liked your track but we didn’t think the release was going to work as a whole. So, we canned it and went this way. @Manton and I refuse to carry on with the label the way it has and therefore, with this release, there were 14 casualties - your precious Cybernetic Dreamscape being one of them.

I would encourage you to grab the stems Breath of the Abyss provided and see what you can do with them for this comp, like everyone else. However, your behavior here isn’t really representative of the kind of behavior we’d like to see from netlabel artists. So, at this point I’d say your submission would be a long shot. You would basically need to reinvent Aphex Twin at this point and based on your previous submission I’d say….that’s a long shot.

But, look on the bright side, the IDMfnetlabel is a “farse” anyway so it shouldn’t be too much skin off your nose as it is.

If I didn’t encourage you to post your track I’d just ban you, which I might do anyway. But for now I’ll leave that be because I’m responding out of emotion and might think better of it in the morning.

@Manton feel free to ban him if you want as I’ll probably still want to do it tomorrow anyway.

Christ alive.


In true fasion, bringing back the IDMf drama lmfao!! I’m here for it lol.

Cheers anyways fellas for trying to keep the forum alive and going, we are oldheads now and most of us probably are busy as shit with reality, family’s, and real life. Shit, I’ve been here since 2007. Maybe 2024 will bring in new life, but the reality is probably not, but who cares at the end of the day, just enjoy the forum or move on, it’s not that life changing my dudes.


As someone who’s been on both the giving and receiving end of not selecting tracks, you’re asking the wrong questions here.

From the outside looking in, (and bearing in mind that I haven’t heard your submission yet), my guess is the current team chose a track that they thought would make a good remix base (which I think they did). From what I have seen of your work, it has a pretty dense arrangement that would be difficult to rework, and so it wouldn’t be as easy to drop into the average producer’s lap and ask for a remix of that. Yeah, the label team didn’t ask for tracks made with the intent of being remixed, and as someone else who put a lot of hours into what I thought was an interesting track for this compilation, I too am bummed out that it isn’t seeing the light of day (yet, at least).

But, if we take RFJ and Manton at their word, this is the first of many tracks we’ll be doing this with this year, so there’s hope for the rest of us yet.

Also, I would say that having spent the last half decade mastering most of the releases since catalogue number 048, the tracks I am often most impressed by are sparser/simpler. It takes a certain kind of confidence to drop in only one sound where you can fit four or five and know that you have the right sound. In fact, I think that’s what separates the good producers/musicians around here from the rest - and make no mistake slime is one of the good ones. It’s a lesson I’ve only seen people learn after putting in a lot of time and (being very frank with you) I don’t think you are anywhere near there yet from what I’ve seen of your work. There’s nothing stopping you from getting there, but it’s going to take time and a willingness to admit that sometimes the rest of us don’t like the same stuff as you. It can be a bitter pill to swallow but there are worse ways to suffer.


Also, I’ve done selections in the past where we had to leave off excellent tracks because they just didn’t fit the album. If the label got 14 downtempo electronica tracks and you sent in a house banger, sorry you just don’t fit no matter how good the track is. You haven’t heard the other tracks, you don’t know.



I’m not going to ban you because I prefer to let people say what they want to say. I will let the people decide how to respond to your post.

What I will say is this:

This Netlabel won’t release whatever it receives. Like @ReWIR3D, I have been a member of this community for 17 years. The history of the label is exemplary and @RFJ and I refuse to let that be tarnished just because participation is low.

In the music’s case: We put together a very well thought out track list of the 066 compilation to make it work with the submissions we received (which included your track btw) but could not confidently stand behind releasing it as something that fits within the label’s historical standards. Take from that what you will, but we stand behind our decision to only release Permutations. It provided a solid baseline for a remix and has good production quality. The fact that you don’t like the track has nothing to do with it. Everyone has their tastes.

As @RFJ said, I encourage you to participate and put your money where your mouth is. Anyway, my 9-month-old daughter has just woken from her nap, and I need to attend to her needs. So instead of spending time working on music while she slept, I’ve had to deal with this. Perhaps you will now understand why things aren’t “looking” the way you personally think they should. Your shallow digs at Soundcloud and graphics mean very little in the grand scheme of things. What matters is the music.

@White_Noise and @ReWIR3D thanks for your continued support!


I think all musicians (unless you are a major douchebag) exist on a scale of insecure to very insecure about their work, whether they’re beginners or old pros. It’s just this validation thing that we all crave - the need to feel that what we’ve created resonates with others. The universe can be your family + friends or you’re Mark Hoppus wondering about how the latest Blink 182 album’s songs will be received. Doesn’t matter. It’s nice to know people like/love what you created.

So of course, rejection of sorts (or the perception of rejection) is hard to swallow, especially when you think your work was listened to by people who “should” like/love it, because they have similar tastes (on paper).

Taste is a weird animal. Can’t really discuss it… Some people most like what may sound “basic/simple” to you (the Ramones made a career out of it) while others want to listen to experimental jazz with a touch of music concrète.

The first time one of my track was rejected (“Levity”, submitted for a compilation 2 years ago), I was butt-hurt, not gonna lie. I said nothing about it on the thread because what would be the point? I didn’t want to be told why my track was not selected/what wasn’t liked about it.

So what did I do? I listened to it & reworked it until I was finally 100% pleased with it, put it on my 2nd album and even made a video for it! Link below, enjoy & buy the album! :smile:

Now, some will think it still sucks, other will be totally indifferent and (hopefully) some will love it. Doesn’t matter. What matters is to make something positive out of an initially painful situation. And that’s what I’ve done as far as I’m concerned.

This is interesting and shows how tastes can differ. I understand 100% what @White_Noise means. And I’ll agree to a point that, depending on the song/music/genre, “less is more” & all that.

In my case, I love music crammed with a lot of layers (hey my fave album of all time is Too Dark Park). I find it fascinating to have so many interwoven pieces so that you can focus on something different every time you listen to it. Unsurprisingly, I do use a lot of layers myself.

With that said, layers must make sense.

If you have, say, 3 arpeggios happening at the same time, with some notes masked, then it’s bad. But if you have 3 arpeggios at the same time that operate together to end up forming something that makes sense & without extra notes buried in the mix, then you’re doing it right. It is quite difficult to do BTW. In my case, I find myself creating a lot of stuff for a song and then “cleaning up”/deleting whatever notes or melody are not needed when finalizing and mixing.

So yeah, taste is a funny thing and being butt-hurt isn’t fun. Learning & growing from rejection can be quite difficult but ultimately, you become a better person for it (and I’m not just talking about making music here, as you may have guessed).

Alright that was a long post. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk


I personally post way too much shit…sometimes i think ill be doing this place a favor by fucking off permanantly.

But thats beside the point.

Liking music is completely subjective…

However as a rule of thumb you should be able to make certain sounds and know a lot about the techniques and music theory…like most of us do…as a basic skill requirement.

And to be completely honest i like some stuff the netlabel has put out, but some of the other stuff just isnt my cup of tea…but thats because i really like idm breakcore…

but you know what…its not my place to dictate what gets put out on the netlabel…or judge…because its not my own…it belongs to the community…

and the people that head the netlabel currently… have been a part of this community for a very long time…and i think they know whats best because of their experience.

Because idmf is a place that has helped so many people grow as musicians and a lot people got their music chops here…even if they just lurked…

Being that as a musician youve got to diversify your skills and then when you mastered that then find your niche/audience.

Im not gonna music anymore so i sort of have no purpose being on this forum…i just posted this because as a wierd “i got your back idmf”…

If you want to go…then go…its the internet.

Also i tried playing burial in a bar once…the patrons didnt like it at all…i even heard a few people say wtf was that…

And yet burial has how many views on youtube…

So that means that the internet doesnt always translate to real life very well…in fact it happens 9 times out of 10…big surprise… yeah i know…

So yeah…

Internet things bro…

Insert magical glitter sparkles laced with angel dust.

On another note a lot of people aged away from the internet…and to be honest i totally get it…which is why this community isnt thriving…

Also electronic music isnt this shiny new thing like it was in 2000 or 2010 anymore…its 2020 something…

So its up to the select few to reinvent the wheel and not everyone has what it takes…

I for one dont have what it takes…and im ok with it…

Ask yourself do you have what it takes…
before you insult this forum and everyone on here…

Also how would you feel if someone walked into your place and rick jamesd you like on the charlie murphy story from chappelles show…

Bro just dont…apologize before you put yourself on the shit list.


That reminds me of simpler times. Nowadays when I don’t hear loud talking/screaming for 20 seconds I get nervous and wonder what happened… :laughing:


Hey man. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I appreciate any criticism directed (even if indirectly) at me with open arms, because it’s always an opportunity for growth.

The downside to comparing your art to anyone else’s is that you’re always going to be in competition mode when you’re making new music, rather than just pouring yourself into your artwork and enjoying the process. I think I can state with confidence that most of us here are just making music when we have time, sharing techniques and experiences, and genuinely enjoy this stuff no matter what the outcome is (spoiler alert: none of us are going to become famous while sitting at our computers making music, but you already knew that. Right?).

In fact, dare I say, a lot of the best stuff comes out of the imperfections of it all. Sometimes when someone’s just winging a track and posting it, you can really get a sense of their passion and love for the project. Especially when they can delve into how it was made and things like that. You don’t really get that experience elsewhere, so I feel like places like this are special in that way, regardless of mass appeal or any of that. Heck, you already know I dig your music, so that’s a perfect example of that!

Truth be told, I don’t really look at artists’ play counts all that much, because that could just be (and sometimes actually is, for the very insecure) the artist themselves juicing up the stats. Also, I don’t really mind if my favorite artists put up lower-res images on their soundcloud profile, because while this could potentially hurt their mass appeal, they know that it’s not going to hurt their core listeners or ruin the passion that they put into their project. The reason why I’m mentioning this is because, while the forum isn’t that busy these days, I feel like a lot of us have the general theme of passion and looking past the bullshit stats in common.

So I mean, was this ever a competition? I thought it was an invitation by the label for us to all have fun together like old times. The only downside for me is that I didn’t have a track to remix :smiley:


Hey man, well said, and you can absolutely remix/vip your own track if you feel like it.


Someone’s butthurt lmao :rofl:


This guy has the audacity to post an exit song about how he has “outgrown” the forums in the listening booth, all while saying it’s “not an apology”. Clearly, he understands that an apology is due, but his ego is so far up himself he can’t do it.

Good luck with your next artificially generated hit, man.


Just to close the loop here on some of the things I said initially…

Obviously, we did not ban Andrew. This is why it’s important to have more than one person looking after this place. I made some comments about banning him out of emotion when his initial post came through. @Manton and I discussed the issue at lenth. His opinion was it shouldn’t be the policy of the forum to ban people just because they say things we don’t like. I 100% agree with that.

While, admittedly, my first thought was to just relieve him of his membership here I want to be clear, it wasn’t because of what he was saying but mainly the way in which he said the things he did. The netlabel welcomes any feedback related to what we are doing provided it is handled in a spirit of making the community better.

Andrew Winds here did not have that spirit in mind when he said what he did which activated my initial response over and above what he was actually saying. It was great to see the community come in and provide some rational feedback to this irrational situation. At the end of the day we are a community here, even though we all have much less time to participate than we did 10 years ago.

Thanks again to everyone for their feedback here and ongoing participation in what are trying to continue to do wth the forum.

Long Live IDMf.


He’s with like-minded folks now, finding something profound:



I don’t have anything to contribute that hasn’t already been said. Regardless… I’m going to write this anyway because I think that there are things to be learned from this.

So don’t. no one is pointing a gun to your head. It’s really no more complicated than this. For those reading this, if you ever feel similar to this guy, just go quietly into the night and don’t make a submission.

Followed by…

This is a ballsy move and an asshole thing to say. Just because your peepee hurts that your track didn’t get selected doesn’t make you entitled to shit on something made by someone else, which is what you’re doing here no matter how you try to frame it. I don’t doubt that @Slime put time, effort, and care into this track, and I’m sure they were very happy to have their track selected. You could have congratulated them and swallowed your pride, regardless of how you felt, instead of being a sore loser. This behavior is shameful. You need to do better.

Who care’s? this community is a bunch of hobbiests, not a group of executives in an office who have to figure out how to keep their margins in the black at the end of the year. That’s not what this is about.

A valid piece of feedback for the admins that would have been well received if you had phrased it differently and brought it up in a different context.

It seems like what you’re looking for is a platform that frequently gets thousands of likes. A pro tip, the second you post a new track on SoundCloud, you’ll get a few likes and comments from some accounts that have pretty girls as their avatar. I suggest you reach out to some of those and take them up on their offer. Shouldn’t cost you that much in the grand scheme of things.

In all seriousness, this is ridiculous. Again, no one has a gun to your head, if you don’t wanna be here then go. No one wants you here if you’re going to be like that anyway, so might as well save yourself and us the trouble. Honestly, I kinda hope that the next ass that comes and says shit like this just gets banned. Then you won’t get the gratification of having attention, which is clearly all you were here for considering how upset you were about not having YOUR track selected. So I guess I gave you that, you’re welcome. Hope you feel better now bud.

No one gives a shit.

It’s a shame too, I thought the tracks you posted were pretty good, but considering your behavior at this point, I certainly won’t be steering anyone I know in your direction.

So what did we learn here today? Well… idfk… be supportive and a positive person for the other members of the forum. Don’t be a dickhead.

In conclusion, nice 200 word essay. Get lost.


I don’t think a ban would be the solution, not my call. Still gotta let people express their views, others reactions will show them if it’s a decent or shitty take.

We used to get hella volitile toward each other when the forum was at its peak, me included. I know slandering someone’s hard work for your own ego is lame but it is what it is, he probably responded off emotion and got embarrassed and doubled down instead of eating crow, it happens


Also, it should have been my track selected you dirty cunts ;)…hahaha j/k. If I had the time, I would jump on the remix, props Slime for the stems to the community and being a great sport about it all!

Sidenote: trust me, the dude didn’t exit, he’s reading all this lmao.


Ahhhh, feels like the old days.


hahahahahahahaha :joy:

Let’s all use that line for future remix comps