066 Remix comp and IDMf feedback


From what I’ve noticed, people with delusions of grandeur (not to embarrass him, but we talked quite a lot publicly about how he’s going to get famous and reach the stars, so it goes well beyond this thread) respond much better to, “Fuck you, this sucks!” rather than actual, friendly criticism that hits a nerve.

I remember some people who used to post here years ago who really inspired me with their music, but somehow managed to get really upset and take it out on other members when their track would actually receive criticism in the LB (which I thought was a place for constructive criticism all along, since endless praise doesn’t always help us get better at mixing, sound design and other things). It seemed like all of the constructive criticism was always a great recipe for making their track better, but rather than relying on the advice that they asked for, they’d have to revert to the idea that their track was perfect all along.

I’m glad Andrew wasn’t banned, because it’s not like he’s being nearly as toxic as some other members in the past who would literally antagonize others mercilessly, so allowing him to post here when he inevitably comes back is clearly taking the high road. I always remain sympathetic to these delusional types for some strange reason, but I’m not sure if they’re really capable of reinventing themselves to actually become the thing they think they’re destined to become. I mean, that whole fame thing might require some iterations and refinement – sounds like a working definition of hell to me anyway, but to each their own.

Still, I love everyone who posts here and that includes @AndrewWinds. If you ever find your way back here, I get this feeling this whole thing would blow over and nobody would think any less of you. A lot of us (and myself probably more than anyone else, if we’re being honest) have said a hell of a lot of stupid shit on here. But I guess this might require you to be human like everyone else, and you’re always going to be better than that.


I do agree with this, even though I didn’t say that in my earlier post… Hell… I said the exact opposite, despite my gut telling me that it wasn’t the right call.

The OP was honestly a pretty discouraging thing to read, especially coming from someone who makes cool respectable stuff, and someone who I feel like I could learn more than a thing or two from. Although, based on some of the other comments here, it sounds like I probably haven’t seen even half of it when it comes to things like this.

I think this attitude right here is the true way. Good shit @Slime


I think it’s been said and surprised at the conceit (person of my age saw it coming in past forums posts).
This is as for most of us a hobby and aspiration - it’s a netlabel that may break a track or artist, but I’ve never felt that way about things here. It’s always, for me, been about community. That’s why I’m here since the old board and always people believe they can do better. Great and good for them whether they stay or not

My perception is most people here one way or the other are either social misfits or deviants with an alteristic outlook of life.

We all have our lifes’ challenges and issues - this is the hangout for my escape from life’s insanity to music and then to discuss. IRL not many people around me, and I’ve not really found any other forum I can connect with.
Hell, the beat battles were a great way to get going and improve my own productions as well as time and think I’ve gotten better. That’s down to my personal passion, time spent on the hobby and the music. peoples input, time and events here - even if I don’t feel I quite fit in ‘imposter syndrome’ as there have been some great musicians, producers and artist (including yourself as a standout AndrewWinds) that have passed via this board and hopefully are still doing what they enjoyed when they came here.
Anyway whilst not surprised, I think you need to reflect on your conceited arrogance against the mods and admin who work for nothing and get nothing in maintaining the board and forging projects.
Any funds which arent going to be in their 1000’s or see any of us drivign that Bugati just yet, go back into maintaining the board as aI understand it.
Look forward to your next major artist remix release and keep in touch when you’re flying high with the makers and breakers, FWIW I actually liked the sound of your production, whilst the material for me doesn’t tick many boxes, you still bought something to the forum…Goodluck son shine, hope this part of the journey helps you mature

As an addum footnote - Ive just realised most of the people responding in this thread area well established forum members, active admins and so on - interesting - well not really, just an observation …



I love this thread


Me too…



Damn dude… haha, deep cuts there.


Man… I still can’t get over this shit. fucking whack, lol.

Wonder if he took my advice on reaching out to those soundcloud bots that comment, like, and share every track thats posted.


Inserts shit post…

[fucks off]



Helen is such a nice girl. Hopefully, they can find their way to each other someday.


If they’re not even posting their tits in their soundcloud profile how am I supposed to take them seriously?

Put some skin in the game.



New Conspiracy Theory:

@AndrewWinds is actually a @Slime alt-account where he’s just shitposting himself to get us riled up and garner attention for the 066 release.


that’s some meta shit right there.


oh and btw PLEASE don’t ban this guy. I am waiting with bated breath for his reply to the inevitable well-adjusted responses in here. :popcorn:


New conspiracy: Andrew Winds is a Soundcloud bot that’s butthurt we didn’t take the bait for likes.


I’m hoping @Slime is just sipping mushy shakes in Thailand or something and not in a ditch somewhere.


Asking the questions that matter. Thank you for your service!


I will still name one of my remixes that way one day :joy:


Awe shit! The OG is back. Now suck my balls