066 Remix comp and IDMf feedback

Suck a John Candy dick, you fucks

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I will smith slap you, keep that out yo mouf

If its an alt, its been posting for several months …lol that some serious dedication…


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It doesn’t get better than an exit song to prove you’re not an alt. I can’t wait to show you guys my exit song, and all the hair dolls I’ve made over the years from my pubes.


You gotta hand it to the idmf alt account masters that obsessively troll this fucking place. I wouldn’t know



that is some major idmf inside joke throwback right there and you know if we’re the only ones that remember anymore, well than that’s the special bond we share my guy

I just got a little sad about losing EVERY dumb thing we said on the old forum. but then I was relieved.


OMG the @AndrewWinds IDMf swan song? can we turn this into a remix comp pretty please? i’m like… 24% serious?

Hold up Imma listen to it and use this thread as his own personal listening booth to give him honest critical feedback. I’m giving this my full attention. brb

edit: wait hold on… I’m trying to be a better and less spastic person these days. I’m trying to avoid alienating people by learning how to edit my words before spewing them out. I’ll post my critique properly in the correct thread and try my best to polite.


it’s not an alt. @Slime aint got time for that! i’m suspecting other former forum members though

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Good idea


oh whoa holy shit it actually is an IDMf diss track. omfg this is amazing.


You know I gotta throw it back, but let’s go further, because the detective R-DUB is still working the beat ready to catch those rat bitches known as Fiddy, Spermutated, and that whore Queef Stu.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! These allegations are really starting to stack up.

Let me clear the air, though: I’m not – I mean, we’re not – the same entity. Just check out this detailed list of reasons as to why this is totally and completely inconceivable:

  • One is from Texas and the other is from Florida. Are you telling me agent winds gets into a plane everytime he wants to make an AI track, and then gets back on the same plane to make stupid nerd shit? Impossible!
  • One likes robot disco and the other one just sounds like a shitty version of Skrillex. Are you saying these could be the same project? Again - forget about it! Impossible.
  • These two have been engaged in a war of AI vs artistic intent for AGES – and I mean months, so that’s a long time. How could somebody with two opposing worldviews be the same guy? Again – you’re insane if you believe this theory. You’re entitled to your belief system, but again – you’re out of your mind!

I hope this watertight, fool-proof list of bullet points sets the record straight once and for all.


I’m glad @Slime is back! :laughing:


I’ll answer your bullet points in order:

  1. VPNs. They’re everywhere and I think you’d only need 5 or 6 to pull this off.
  2. If Skrillex isn’t robot disco I don’t know what is.
  3. Multiple personality disorder. I saw it on Psych once so I’m pretty sure I know it when I see it.

Frankly, I’m not even sure you aren’t an alien with 3 alt accounts who’s actually shitposting on break in Area 51. We can’t discount the possibility.


:rofl: :rofl:… stupid nerd shit! Fuck yes, just the reply I needed to hear today. This is what makes my working shitty weekend grave shifts tolerable.

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  1. I’m actually aphex twin

I can’t even,. fuck that shits hilarious. I needed this thank you idmf


Ah well just to break the thread and back on topic posting my effort with Slimes remix, BOT maybe!?
Techno Remix should’ve been improved but I couldn’tmustar it up well enough in time. Broken ribs and illness… Just an fyi vs sympathy seek.

Listen to IDMF 66 Techno Remix by MystaFx on #SoundCloud

Video using winamp plugin visualiser then snagit fir video screen /audio capture.

Original dub which the last 4 bars of the track spurred the above remix.
Listen to IDMF 66 ASPR by MystaFx on #SoundCloud

Eitherway enjoyed producing these tracks from Slimes stems, thanks.

Liked to do more of this. Also some original vocal material would be cracking. Just to see what I could achieve hit or miss.

In all honesty I’ve been revisiting a lot of older tracks and seeing if I can better them with where I am now, which is further than I was and not there yet?

Some of my beat battle tracks from the old boards are getting some love, taking the elements and resampling or revamping the sounds and stems. Maybe worthy of a IDM release submission who knows.

Anyways hope you enjoys the tracks and any opinions very welcome, no matter how warped. :ok_hand::hugs: