Announcing IDMf066 VA - Breath of the Abyss - An IDMf Remix Competition Compilation


Looks like it’s 110 and C major. Some of the quantizers just have random notes punched out for whatever reason (I think I was playing with these patches a whole bunch before I even thought this would become a track)

If anyone wants the sequencer patches and stuff, let me know, too (although most of these modules are paid ones, unfortunately). The sequencing was a ridiculous amount of fun, although I’m having trouble reopening the Falcon scripts for some reason, like the VST is just glossed over and I can’t do anything with it :thinking:


I think it has more variations on C Maj. I’ve mostly sampled from the middle section, and i think there is a key change there? While the notes are all white notes on the keys, it lends itself more to A Natural minor and D Dorian scales to my ears. Which both use all white keys but have a different tonic.


That’s a great question!

They’re actually all random and semi-random values, so more than likely it alternates between all of them. IIRC some of the sequences are just multiplied values of others with shifted gates and things like that. I know pretty much nothing about theory, so maybe that’s why the melodic content is so strange :smiley:


This is awesome! Really suprised seeing how you composed this piece. I wasn’t expecting UVI Eurorack. I have a reasonable amount of experience with eurorack hardware, and also VCV rack. My experience with it is for live use. For live purposes I feel eurorack is far more capible than many of the so-called grooveboxes on offer. Anyway, thanks for posting that insight to your track.


Thanks all and got to say - great stems. Ive just got all the parts from the pack where I need them to stems now in sync, eq, level and effect wise.
@Slime Honestly Im grinning with what Im hearing just tinkering with loops to get it laid out as a full track. Really works well. :0)


Can confirm that 110 bpm works. I struggled at first because the DAW indicated a totally whack number. Then I figured it out. My remix is pretty much done, need to mix levels a bit + some polishing. I’ll prob upload it sometimes this week.


Anyone (assuming not an issue) set up a thread for people to interact with each others subs on this one or is it a closed book until subbed and decisions made etc.

I’ve pretty much finished my (3 days on off so not bad) and got to say, stems and parts were inspirational to work with - gone somewhat neon synthpop but I love my simple beats, bassline and arps - that piano (once extracted with some other parts) and bass edits, made the creative process eb and flo’ nicely I think.

Also - has there been post on the 66 release as seens someone’s feeling rejected, or are we still waiting (just read the feedback thread “WoW”) seems rejection for some is a bitter sweet pill (bitter now - sweet on reflection). :rofl:


Feel like I’m spamming the thread oh well.
Think I’m fine with one just need to get the levels in line with the reqs…quickest track I’ve done and been completely happy with. Saying that, good material removes the hard work. Ended up around 120bpm, synth pop, elevator soundtrack but works to my ears… Rather chuffed tbh and…
The last 8 bars if this is going to lead on to a second remix cause it just gave me some awesome inspirational bests… Techno me thinks. So shall be working on that tonight… Jeez 60 plus tracks and not many where I need them haha…
Looking forward to hearing all the interpretations on this…


Personal opinion, but I don’t think you’re spamming at all! Whenever people talk about their track, it just builds the anticipation :smiley: . I can’t wait to hear all of these!






Had some fun with more processing tools yesterday, especially Uhbik-G, and just uploaded a new “granular fun” version… :grin:


@RFJ Reworked my second sub and emailed you the link.
Enjoyed this, got the melodies working right for the remixes on these. Nice work @Slime


Submitted :slight_smile:


Bumpin the thread. If you have a submission ready make sure you drop it in. If you’re not quite ready yet, open up a line to either myself or @RFJ with what you’ve got and when you can get it in by.

So far we have input from:
myself + RFJ

Happy producing!



Hey all,

Submissions are now closed with the exception of one we are waiting on. Thank you to all who contributed. We do appreciate your efforts and thank everyone for their patience while we piece it together. Release Date TBA.


Sorry I’m so slow, thanks for waiting. I think we’re finished up. I’ll send it your way shortly @Manton after a final listen. Excited to hear everyone’s submissions


Love me some wild glitdh


I saw that, and was too fuckin’ lazy to fix it, haha!


All part of the charm :slight_smile: