IDMf066 VA - Breath of the Abyss - Permutations: Remixed

The IDMf Netlabel is honored to present our 66th & first release of 2024 -
Breath of the Abyss - Permutations: Remixed
Out - 20th February 2024

Track List

  1. Breath of the Abyss - Original Mix
  2. All the Morphic Oceans - Floating Mix
  3. Guy Wachtel - Redux
  4. Nick Manton feat. RFJ - Drum 'N Bass Mix

Throughout it’s history the IDMf Netlabel has seen fit to feature an individual artist’s work that is further supported by a set of remixes that speak to and compliment the original piece. From IDMf004 Halogen: Length & Brecht, to IDMf015 Jazzyspoon: Circle When Remixed, IDMf030 Anodyne Industries: Make Your Body A Darker Weapon, & IDMf031 Atra Aeterna: The Black Fog EP, the heaviest hitters in the netlabel catalog have been presenting their best singles in this way.

With IDMf066 The IDMf Netlabel brings a return to this type of artist spotlight. Breath of the Abyss utilizes pulsating arps, four on the floor beats and creates an atmosphere that is fitting of his name. This takes the listener on a journey, that highlights these familiar techniques, in a way that remains long after the initial listen.

The single is further supported by three original remixes, each of which expands and redefines the original to something new. In doing so each individual artist reinvents and pays homage to the original work, while exploring specific sonic territory that is wholly unique to their own.

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IDMf066 Breath of the Abyss - Permutations - Remixed
Original Work, Permutations Composed & Mixed by - Breath of the Abyss
Mastering - Original Work & Remixes - James Pingel
Cover Art - Manton
Curated By - Manton & RFJ

The IDMf Netlabel contains a rich history of releases dating back to 2009’s IDMf001: In Depth Melodics. The IDMf Netlabel Catalog is linked throughout this post but can also be found here -


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IDMf004 Halogen: Length & Brecht
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IDMf030: Anodyne Industries: Make Your Body A Darker Weapon
IDMf031 Atra Aeterna: The Black Fog EP
IDMf046 Vlantis: Gun Pony Remixed (Flogging a Dead Horse)

Full back catalogue also available at Showcasing the amazing talent the forum holds within and has to offer.

The IDMf Netlabel is an IDMforum Community created, ongoing Creative Commons based project
Currently Curated by - RFJ & Manton


Can’t wait for the rest of you to get to hear this, it’s a killer single. Great work @Slime.


Very happy to be on this & in great company - can’t wait to hear the other remixes :sunglasses:

Love the cover art - well done @Manton!

And thanks to the whole IDMf team for your work on this release despite the extra drama (which was quite entertaining though)


The drama was entertaining indeed. :smile:

Can’t wait for you all to hear these tracks. @White_Noise produced an exceptional result with the mastering as well.


Exciting stuff, can’t wait to hear the other tracks. :slight_smile: I’m honored to be on this release with these great artists.

@Manton The cover art is sick, nice work.


Really great to see this getting out there. Big thanks to @Slime for the stellar track and stems for remixing. I also agree with @Manton regarding the mastering. Some of Pingle’s best work thus far, knocked it out of the park. Looking forward to next week when this baby is finally out into the world.


lookin forward to hearing this!


Seeing as it’s the 20th in AUS I’m dropping this now:

go get it and enjoy!

Permutations - Remixed | VA | IDMfNetlabel (


Sweet! Listening now.


Dude, fuckin’ excellent work on your submission! So dreamy and smooth! Nice work!

@Manton @RFJ
Fuckin’ a you guys. That was sick! Really got me jammin, and I had a big shit eating grin on my face the whole time. Excellent!

Great work on these masters, they sound awesome! Sorry you had to master my nonsense, hopefully it wasn’t too much of a pain. You did a great job. Thanks for doing that!

Wanted to say nice work, Permutations is n awesome track that inspired some great ideas. Thanks for letting us have at it with the remixes, and congrats on the release of the single. Glad I got to be a part of it. :slight_smile:


I must say, i had that same shit eating grin when I listened to your submission.

Very pleased with the results here. A nice mix of different styles.


Checking it out now:D


First track - Love how spacial it is and the sweet temperament of delay and reverb. I would have fun remixing this. Lots of energy, yet my favorite thing is the complex synthy background. Thought the sample rushes at like 2:45 were introduced a little abrasively, but that’s an aesthetic choice.

Second track - I’m in a casino level on an old videogame. I’m chasing down a warlord for crimes against humanity. I didn’t see that truckload of freedom fighters… for the other side…missed them at my 6… where am I? “Grandpa wake up.” I am no longer a blue hedgehog.

Track number Thirdish I think - -Fuck yeah. This is what I was waiting for. Thank you for ripping this shit apart… finally. Slick control of that sub. I thought I was transported with this, Vonnegut style, coming after that last track, which was also good, band almost serendipitously and haphazardly placed before it, creating a great musical contrast. You guys know how to program the ebb and flow into an album, I’ll you whwat. So what I’m trying to say is… but what a great contrast. I LOVE THIS ETHEREAL BASSY SHIT KEEP FEEDING IT TO ME.

And that ending… this is an example for every new producer should look to when someone says to you “Ok that last part was really nice, now can we turn it on its head.” Thanks for that journey. Woof. Brilliant. Warn me next time. I completely regret losing my attention at some point on track 2. Shit, I’ll never do that again.

Track 4. I 'm awake. I know we’re on four now.
So coming in with that original cynical attitude of mine and having it broken after track three, I’ll say the reaction to this track 4, I’d have to say in the most genuine way possible, “Holy Rusted Dildos Batman.”

Thanks for putting out something that definitely drew me in and pulled me through a number of emotions both nostalgic and inspiring. Cheers y’all, solid release. Impressive for sure. Hunnid.


Stellar release if I do say so myself. @Slime big thanks to you for providing such great stems for remixing that, when put together, make an amazing track. Love the arps, the atmosphere, the groove. Really great work.

Continued thanks to everyone who submitted for this one, and the original 66. It took some work to get here but we wound up with a very solid release.

As for @Manton fet RFJ, that was really Nick’s baby. I put some vocals on there and helped us agonize (literally) over the mix. Everything else though - the drums, bass, ear candy, melodies etc etc etc, are pretty much all his. Well, @Slime’s and his of course. Big thanks to Nick for bringing me along for the ride.

Can’t forget to mention @White_Noise again - really, really nice work on the mastering. Probably the best work I e heard of yours on one of these releases thus far.

We have quite a year planned release wise so…

Stay tuned.


Well shit, I paid for her, let him get their moneys worth, let’s play it again.

This shit is in hella OG IDMf style but evolved in a uh… professional way. Fuck yeah

shit hits hard bros!

  1. Guy Wachtel - Redux

this shit right here:

go fuck yourself man, that is a track.


I’ll take that as a compliment…haha


Yeah you know what you’re doing fasho


I recommend you listen to this

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