Art/Music challenge master thread


This thread has been created to coordinate the music making challenges…as started by relic…


The challenges are like the beat battles…but different in the sense that anyone could host a challenge…

and that it is a bit less restrictive…being that there is no winner…its just a bunch of people experimenting or trying some new music making techniques…

This is the master thread to coordinate the challenges and share ideas for what would be a good challenge…

So yeah cheers… see you guys around the forum.


I really like the idea of it being looser like this, even if there are quite a few going at one time. Also, if anyone’s up for some weird art challenges, I’d love to host some of those as well.

Whether the forum is super active these days or not, these challenges are still always enjoyable


Art challenges…go for it…:slightly_smiling_face::100:


Ideas for challenges…

Synthesizing vocal pads
Xanopticon/richard devine drums
90s rave
Incorporating transformers sounds
Lo fi
Old school hip hop beats j dilla style
Trap without 808s
How do you deadmau5

Thats off the top of my head.

If anyone has any ideas…share them…also like i said
Anyone can make a challenge…cheers.



If anyone else has an idea for an art/music challenge…go for it and make the thread…

Like i said before anyone could host an art/music challenge.


Alright, let’s do this one :sunglasses:


another idea for a challenge

glitch mob style


Is that edIT’s group? If they’re anything like his solo work, hell yes


Another challenge…idea…

Twerk music.


Is that like miami bass or something?


(this type of bass, obviously)

Not sure if it’s been done yet or mentioned but I’d be down for a breakcore challenge in the future as well if anyone else is


Breakcore complex rhythyms. Noted.


I had an idea…

You are allowed to make a few tracks for each challenge…

You dont only have to stick to making one track…

You could even do an ep for a challenge if you have the time…and want to do so.


Anyone have ideas for a challenge post it/make the thread… :grin:


I had a few really weird ones but I doubt there will be enough interest:

  • Trackers – make a song in anything tracker-releated. Renoise on down to C64, Amiga, etc
  • Modular – make a whole track with VCV, Cardinal, CV-1, Voltage, your own rack, etc
  • Fantasy consoles – do 100% of your track’s sound design in Pico-8, TIC-80, Pixel Vision 8, etc
  • One-sample challenge – we’ve all done these before, but they’re still fun as hell
  • One synth challenge – just use Vital (or something) with absolutely zero outside samples
  • Recorded sounds only – your entire track must be made out of your own field recordings!
  • IMG XXXX – your track’s sounds must all be derived from videos with less than 100 views
  • Freeware challenge – no paid DAWs or plugins allowed!
  • Breaks challenge – one internet breakbeat pack, one (insert any genre) track
  • One sample pack challenge – someone provides the pack, everyone else provides the track
    • Warp modes challenge (only using warp modes in your DAW!)
    • Batch processing challenge (you only get Audacity and one macro!)
    • Follow actions or die!
    • Granulators only!


One sample
One synth
Breaks challenge
One sample pack challenge
Field recordings…

Sound cool…

Also jeksola buzz is a freeware modular tracker…
Is vcv freeware?


Yes! There are actually a lot of freeware modular options and VCV / Cardinal is one of them!

Jeksola Buzz looks really interesting! I’ve heard of it but never tried it for some reason!


Batch processing challenge with audacity and one macro…i feel like i did that already before i even knew what daws were…lol.

Also granulators only is a good one


Challenge idea…



2 more for the future pile:

  • Euclidean rhythms
  • Odd time signatures


How do i do euclidean rhythms in fl studio?