Art/Music challenge master thread


Holy shit, this is apparently real.

It doesn’t look like you can actually change the step length, but it’s a start!


Also a few more for that mountain of a pile we have going on:

  • FM synthesis (admittedly I’m still kind of shit at designing in this category)
  • Additive ( / ‘west coast’) synthesis
  • Spectral processing


Based off that vid…

I could create different patterns…for different sequences for the different elements…one pattern for the kick, a different pattern for the hats, etc…

Hopefully i could automate the offset…of that euclidean feature

And then automate effects like gross beat by changing glitch patterns and maybe the gate patterns…as well as the time knob and the volume knobs…


So i has euclidean…

Couldnt automate the offset…

However i wonder what if i recorded my manual fuckery of the offset with edison and then glitch the shit out of the recorded stem.


I’m guessing the best way to do it with those is to just paste in the offset on the timeline.

I did find this these, though. Also free


As far as deadlines goes…

If you miss the challenge deadline…but still want to take a crack at it…post your track in the lb…but label it …
[challenge whatever attempt] - (insert track name)



Do these only work in vcv or are they cross daw compatible?


I’ll have to doublecheck to make sure VCV has this functionality as well, but most of them have a MIDI-out module that will send MIDI messages right into your DAW (the same way that the DAW responds to a MIDI controller or what have you).

I might actually fire Cardinal (VCV’s free VST fork) up tonight and see if any of these are on there as well (the module list is a bit hit-and-miss), and see just how usable it is. If anything functional comes out of it, I’ll post some patches up here, too


Damn, works like a glove / fits like a charm.

I didn’t think it would be that easy because Cardinal is so janky, but this outputs euclidean gates on command. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the steps / offsets of the euclidean model, but when the DAW is playing it’ll do the rest.

[That’s length, hits, and shift]

You can play with the gate length or CV, or just record into the DAW and do that stuff in post. Actually I didn’t even test the DC source (note data, as opposed to gate data), but it’s the rhythms that matter anyway. If this needs any extra love, I’ll definitely go back, but it works!


Alright, so it turns out that those CV outs don’t work the way I expected, and instead you can just patch it to whatever note you want. It’s easier this way than using a DC source, and you can always do mono / poly routing if you really need it, but just recording into the DAW from here is much simpler.

Actually, if you really wanted it all-in-one, duplicating the euclidean module and the gate that it goes into and patching them into another note would also work just fine. You might need a multiple module or something to carry the clock numerous times, but if you just copy where it’s going and how it’s being triggered, it’s all the same routing. Will definitely modify it if it’s needed, too.

So cool that this works so well already, though, and that these are all included in the free version / Cardinal. Normally patching with this leaves me a bit frustrated, but this one was a rare exception



Interestingly I found this while stumbling through the piano roll scripting section in the FL manual. Looks like they might actually have an inbuilt euclidean sequencer script right there, and apparently the youtuber bros don’t even know / talk about it


Thank you, thank you thank you thank you thank you…ermagherd…


If Cardinal is free I might give that a shot as a reason to get it before I go to the scripts.


Yeah, it’s free and they keep improving it / adding modules. On second thought, I probably need an update as well!


I tried in fl 21…

With slicex…

I got unimpressive results…

Also i couldnt unlock fl 21…because i lost access to my image line account…

It gives me ideas though…

I could also just do it the time consume manual method lol…

How do you compose euclidean rhythms manually?

I might have to grab the demo to see what’s going on there. Weirdly I didn’t have to use Bitwig’s note container in order to get this to work so I figured it would be pretty universal, but I will check it out and see what I can modify for a better FL experience

Also it’s not sailing the high seas if you already paid for it, right? :smiley:


Anything after 20.9 requires a 2 step online verification i have reg key but i deleted the email address associated with the account…fucking lol.


You can’t be the first paying customer to make this mistake, see if there’s a process to change it over to a new email. Or message customer service, it’s what they’re there for.


Is there a way to get like 20.0 or something?

Also I checked it out, routed the MIDI and it seems to be working in FL. Was it too short of gate lengths? I could always make a giant macro that makes the notes longer if need be

I’ve also heard their customer service is really good, this is definitely a solid idea