Art/Music challenge master thread


I have 20.1.3 or something like that…

Ill look into…it…worst case scenario ill just do vcv rack and do euclidean that way…

I was really unimpressed with fls euclidean algorithm…


I got it to work there and I’m thinking this should probably still run in the demo, with the only downside being that you can’t save (pretty big downside, but at least it works).

If all else fails for some reason, you can actually record the notes and probably even export MIDI files with this via the Bitwig demo. Then you can just toss the file into any other DAW

Side note: why do all of the FL plugins feel like they were made by 50 different people? lol


Also if this doesn’t work in cardinal (sans VST host) it’s just because the BPM from the host is carrying everything forward. I can make a patch tomorrow that sustains itself with clocks and a reset button (it’s a lot less-complicated than it sounds), it’s basically just a BPM and a play button when you don’t have a host to provide both of them like in the current patch.

They might also even have a MIDI recorder module, so I’ll have a dick-around in the standalone version just to see what the options are.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned it but VCV / Cardinal patches should be interchangeable, so if you’re going standalone you’ll have even cooler stuff in VCV to play with if you’re willing to check out how it works


I got it running using a pulse as a clock tonight, though for some reason I think that was also my audio… I tried the transport module, but the host time looks like it was doing exactly what I needed without going through a dedicated clock module. So I’ll try just copying your patch and modifying it from there in the next few days, still working on my breakcore song mostly right now.


Would anyone want to do coding / scripting challenges? I had a few weird ideas:

  • Make a basic DIY euclidean (or step) sequencer
  • Make a tiny DAW with very basic functionality
  • Make a bouncy-notes / ricochet sample triggerer
  • Make a br00tal generative breakcore / metal logo generator
  • Make a geometric / pretentious IDM artwork generator

The cool thing is, you can pretty much just stitch shit together even in a game engine (I’m using Love 2D, but people do things like this in Monogame, Unity, Unreal, Pygame, etc).

There are even some great browser-based options like p5.js, Godot, and shitloads of fantasy consoles


Go for it



New policy

future challenges

dont have to have deadlines theyll be optional…

Itll be like a continuous thing…open to anyone that wants to take a crack at it…and to whomever wants to improve their music production skills via experimenting.



Yeah, I like this too. These challenges are unique enough to go back to, so it’s worth it!

Also I hit one of our challenges when I was googling euclidean sequencing stuff, so maybe this will stir up some interest from people who haven’t frequented the forum before. It seems like there are a lot of bases covered between music, sound design, visual stuff and coding projects so far, so I definitely agree that keeping them ongoing is going to be awesome


I’m fine with that too. I might want to revisit the break-core idea another time, but after two tracks attempted aiming at that genre in as many weeks I want to do something else for a bit. On the bright side, I’m way better at sequencing interesting drums than I was two weeks ago.

I’m looking forward to updating my FL to the latest version, digging into Cardinal a bit more, and doing some euclidian rhythms. Might even try and surprise everyone and have it be an ambient track. Based around rhythm.


Boc challenge
Bigbeat breakbeat electronica
Club tech house
Acid house
Acid dubstep
Psytrance tribal
Dubstep breakcore
Liquid neuro dnb
Throwback retro
Electronic covers of non electronic songs
Electronic covers of electronic songs