Beat Battle Discussion


The more distributed the archive is the more redundancy we have, which means more easy to recover in the event of losing one backup.


ive just finished DLing them all. i got some seriously fast DL times from your server btw :smiley:

if anybody needs them and the original is down let me know and i will get them uploaded

thanks again IO <3


Yeah the upload speeds here are pretty crazy, I’m happy to hear they’re effective from the server as well. One of my fav aspects of where I live.


ive just switched ISP too, from talk talk who are the worst in the world at every aspect of being an ISP, to a probably normal speed provider. because talk talk was so slow everything seems SO fast now, but i think that might be my record DL speed!
i spent more time pressing keys than actually downloading :smiley:


I will say that I love that the archives exist, the idea of people asking for them(at any degree), the fact that @IO_Madness is still managing that idea, and for sample peeps, it could be the friendlist or strangest sample packs any one could ask for. =D