BB 113 - Nihonium

Element 113 is named Nihonium, after Japan where it was first observed. It is highly radioactive and has a half-life of ten seconds. Since I can’t think of a theme for this battle, I just thought that was a neat little factoid. The focus of this battle is really more about sound design and note choice.

The Samples:

The Rules

  1. You can only make drums out of what’s in the Percussive folder, you can only make pads, leads, bass, drones etc. out of what’s in the Harmonic folder. You’ll notice there are two samples that are in both folders, that’s intentional, I wanted there to be some overlap. You don’t have to use all the samples either.
  2. Try making an e-piano sound for some chords and/or melodies (yes, using the samples in the Harmonic folder). I wanna hear some keys!
  3. Pick one or two chords, any key, from this list, and have them be prominent elements of your composition:
  • Maj7

  • Maj9

  • Min7

  • Min9

  • Min6

  • Min7b5

In rule one we see conditions for sample usage for main elements like kick-snare (if you’re doing kick and snare) and bass and leads (if you’re doing those), but not much say about fx sounds like washes of noise or little chirpy stuff in the background. Those things can be made out of whatever sample you want. As long as that sound doesn’t become overtly melodic/harmonic or directly percussive like a drum while doing a fucking drum pattern, then the categories don’t really apply. DON’T OVERTHINK THIS ONE. I trust you all to be able to discern between a flanger noise for texture, and a pad with a flanger on it.

In rule two, I state that an e-piano like sound is desired for chords and melodies. This does not mean you have to do melody, I’m doing my best to leave compositional choices open.

Rule three totally sucks, here’s a website that shows you how to play those chords on a standard piano keyboard, I trust you’ll be able to figure out how to utilize this info

Not a rule, but do try to avoid the key of C, that’s too easy.

No, you can’t use any other sound sources like synths or voice recordings. I am a cruel mistress. But you’re gonna have to do some interesting stuff to make drums out of those keys, y’know. Any and all mangling methods are allowed.

Deadline is uhh the 21st at 11:59 PM, mystery time zone, grace period of like two hours I guess. Voting takes place over the next two days ending Sunday at 5 PM.

Have “fun”!
Also, any half-baked tunes are welcome, honestly if you come up with only a dope little beat or cool sounding lead that’s good enough, we’d love to hear it and give pointers.

Beat Battle General Rules:

Beat Battles take place over the course of two weeks. The first ten days users will have to arrange, upload, and post their track to this forum. After this, the next three days users cast their votes for their favorite track. At the end of this, the winner will be announced, and they will then become the next Beat Battle host, and will have one day to construct a battle pack and begin the next Beat Battle.

Unless otherwise stated, the only sample/audio sources you may use for your song must come from the battle pack.

In the event of a tie, the battle host will decide the winner

**** in the event of winning the battle, the winner of the beat battle will be asked to make their track available for archive and also to hold onto to the project file of said “winning” track for in the event that it is to be considered for a best of the beat battles release ****


Was it your intention to put the drum samples in the “Harmonic” folder, and the more melodic-ish samples in the “Percussive” folder?

Yes it is intentional

Sorry i was quite pissed on last posts.

He said there’s overlap in the samples, and what folder to use for what. Nowhere in there does he state what the samples ARE.


Yes the folders and their contents are accurate. Make drums out of the pads and keys, make keys and pads out of the drums kinda thing. A challenge! It’s “fun”

ooooo you cruel bastard

@Tsachi also, having issues with the .aif files. They seem to have an unusual codec id that so far I can’t open.

aw dang
I’ll switch out the pack

what did you use to render them, out of curiosity? Are you on a Mac?

windows actually, but ableton can use .aif

Ok it’s all wav now

Did you render the samples with Ableton?

resampled and then copied the file

I mean, the .aif files?

resampled the aifs into wavs. A bunch of these samples are right out of ableton packs, too lazy this time to do totally original sounds

No, I mean the .aif files, how did you render them? Were the .aif’s the ones from the Ableton packs?

yes (post must be 5 characters long)

Ahhh ok, then it’s probably some sort of copyright protection, to keep people from distributing the samples included with the software.

oh yeah that might be it huh. I had an inkling of a suspicion to not do it how I did but then I did it anyway, like some sort of idiot

Welp, I guess we’ll have to take you in