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This is the Beat Battle Discussion thread, for discussion related to the running of the Beat Battles, planning for future Beat Battles or Beat Battle related projects, ideas or suggestions users would like to see, things you like, things you don’t like, and general feedback.

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Does anyone still have any of the old samples packs from previous BB’s? I have most of the ones from around 50-89, but I was trying to build a cohesive database of the past sample packs.
@JvS @Tsachi @Trebesch @Creepr @7asid @relic


Sorry man. I got nada :frowning:

I mostly save them but my files aren’t very organized, I can take a look though.

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Looks like I’ve only got back to 82

RIP history :cry:

I know Mfxxx had a bunch of them, but it doesn’t seem he’s made his way back yet.

it seems a lot of people got lost in the storm. they will all come crawling back

Here’s the packs I’m missing, if anyone has them:

anything before 42
(* these sample packs have been located since making this post)

If anyone has any of those, let me know

i found some while cleaning up my drive a couple of weeks ago but cant remember what i did with them. they were in the 40-50 range i think. i couldnt find them yesterday, but i will have an in depth search.

im worried i probably deleted them. i was having a strict cleanup :frowning:

I may have a few of those. Will check later.

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i had no luck finding any :frowning:
props to you @IO_Madness for archiving them

ah well, no worries. I know MFXxx had a bunch, if he comes back. I’m working on setting up a public server for the samples. I need to test some security stuff on it, but I should be able to share it soon.


I found 72. It’s just the one file I think.



I forgot to look last night. We must therefore wait upon the dice-roll of destiny if I am to remember this evening to check my files. stay tuned for further developments.


how big is the collection you have atm?

See for yourself (hit “continue anyway” when it complains about the certificate trust):

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seems to be about 3.5GB roughly, not too huge. i think i will keep a copy stored on a drive too, to help keep it preserved for the future of mankind. i will wait until you have as much as you can get from people. i think, after this, i will not be the only one.

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