Beat Battle Discussion


@Creepr, btw, who’s “we”?


The netlabel team consisting of myself, Creepr, Jayson, and Nostromer. And of course the NSA.


Oh, I thought Automageddon and Relic were the Netlabel team. I had no idea you guys were on that side of it.


So how are we going about deciding what’s going on the comp? Honestly, I was thinking we could put basically everything on it, all of them were good I thought.


I’m not 100% sure. I agree with you personally, but the original plan was to take the top 8 or 10 based on votes.

EDIT: Is there anyone in the poll who said they did not want to be on the album? If you didn’t keep records of that I can go and look it up. Otherwise, I assume the poll is the maximum track count.


I think mostly everyone was submitting, although i have only gotten downloads of a few of the tracks ready for mastering.


So far I have 6 tracks with downloads, 7 with mine. I haven’t heard from anyone wanting to opt out so far.

EDIT: I suppose we can wait and see what the results of the poll are, see what tracks definitely should be included, then work from there.