Beat Battle Discussion


Alright, we got $40 of the $75 goal on the prize, just need a few people more to throw down to cover the costs!

Also, I’m hoping we can get some more entrants lol cuz right now this is looking like it might become a single or EP at best @7asid @Creepr @mnkvolcno @TheTeknomage @aSSerbik @MFXxx @FMB


I’m definitely going to have something for this. But I’ll be taking my sweet time, so expect it on the day of the deadline.


You can always extend the deadline if all the participants are open to it


Im being really lazy due to time constrints., Firstly happy to throw a five in the pot. Whats the deadline. FWIW Ive been ofline with system for last week - BSOD with nvidia totoal reinstall blurgh!! :slight_smile: Someone PM me or send me an email please with info.


Working lots but I’ve started something, I’ll try to finish by deadline


We also have 5 days left on the house album and BB tracks go fast when done right, so you might get more at the very end. I haven’t started yet, but I plan to in the next few days.


Very true. I’m not worried. I do it all for the music.


PM’d you the deets.


I’m cool with that, if that means more people will be able to participate. I’m sure the house album is taking priority for some people, so a week or two between the deadlines might be better. But it’s all good either way. I’m done with the bulk of mine, so it’s mostly polishing from here on out for me.


I’d be against extending it. There’s no need to drag it out.


FWIW, I finished my house song last night, so I’m into this for at least a few days until house subs close and I have to attend to that. I got a decent groove going this morning with just samples, so now going to get the music on top of it from synths most likely.


I will submit something for sure. It is sketched out. I need to get the house thing done first though.


Thanks to everyone that has donated to the prize fund! We hit the $75 mark and so the prize is now a go! Any further donations will go towards any additional shipping and handling and/or a more cool Pocket Operator, but for all intents and purposes, the prize as planned is a go.


Cool to see we came together on it, that’s super rad. battle on!


So, as we’ve hit the end of BB100 (at least for the tracks), for the comp coming up, we’re gonna need some kind of album art.


Hey IO, since the art is part of the album making process how about I put a thread up for it in the Netlabel section? We are close to wrapping up the art for Open House so in a day or so we can make a post about it.


Yeah, that’d be fine by me.


Hey @Creepr, did you already start a thread in the Netlabel section for the album art?


nope, not yet. We have it our on radar, no worries. :slight_smile:


I saw bfk’s thread for artwork in the community projects section (with no responses), and thought I had seen one in the Netlabel section.

All is good tho.