Users from the ol' idmf that you miss


to be completely honest i thought Benwaa was the owner of the site and was the one responsible for creating it. When i thought IDMf i though Benwaa


I think Ben might’ve been the admin I pissed off many moons ago, speaking of people on the internads who don’t like you

So I played a part probably, sorry ben. RIP


I feel like @relic is our perfect example of a good admin. doesn’t deal with shit. doesn’t get into the drama…

Ben got into it and took shit personally. from what I gather, there was a lot of issues and banning pertaining to his rule. Idk,

I’m probably wrong (as usual) but, maybe he left for a good reason


where’s out homie @parricide? I miss him :smiling_imp:



This is the official statement we wrote out some weeks after “shit went down” lol


De-ja voo doo- shades of the great purge of 2012…hmmm…BASTARDS.
welcome back all ye faithful.


This is my lawn now :skull_and_crossbones:


It’s posts like these that give me hope. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think parricide abandoned us :’( RIP IDMfriend


im still here <3
had a lot of shit going on recently but all is good and im trying to find time to get back here.
its weird to be missed XD but i missed you too, and so many others on here! <3



I’m glad to see you back <3 !

we’ve missed you indeed :slight_smile:


its great to be back! im like a teenager who runs away from home and gets into too much trouble so comes running back home.


more like herpe’s just when you think its gone it comes back to haunt you!

Welcome back man!


Edit: I see we cant quote comments, so this looks out of place lol.

You can, but you have to cut and paste manually, which is balls!


If you select the text in the comment you wish to quote (drag mouse over text holding left button) a “Quote” symbol apears. Clicking it creates a new comment with the text quote.


Welcome back!

Reminds me that I haven’t seen a post from @liquid_air in a while… and who was that guy who had the pirate avatar and the signature that floated by saying “even (your name) can be in the Beat Battles…

That was a cool trick… it was creepy!:japanese_goblin:


IOmadness yeah i miss him.
excellent use of the [you] and [scroll] code.


IO_Madness is on here - currently running Beat Battle #100


doh well theni i am remiss.