Users from the ol' idmf that you miss


Actually a lot of cool peeps have trickled back, some don’t post as much as they used to though.


And I as well! (I’ve been meaning to get to those Beat Battles!..since the OLD forum!)

Need to quit my day job :thinking:


Does anybody have any contact or talk to our boy Aaron King (anodyne industries / mnemosyne) anymore?

Fucking love that guy. COME BACK A-A-RON


Hey, I’ve sworn off the sideroom but I thought it only fair to show this ancient document showing a fair amount of primal idmf behaviour. If you recall the time of googlewave, scbeta, & flockdraw perhaps you’ll remember a few users from this.

Notable users that I am able to identify:
Daed / brokenbeat
Vak / mom

& it’s a bit of a shame I did not have the irc userlist in view when I switched over, but maybe that is for all the better that they are hidden.

I made an automation tool for the room which utilized a crude user database file but it looks like I deleted the file, probably to preserve the users names & asssociated addresses (eventhough mibbit used a hostmask). That apple language is a mess, I’ll tell you. Stay with python.

A few other users I can recall are

Anyway, I’m done digging through old files. See you around the LB.


@Vulpes I literally posted that in the breakcore thread lol

Idmf all up in idmf


Hiya vooples


I liked Shotguns but he left way before the great IDMf crash.
@Vulpes how cool is it that since you left my music skills have not evolved?


I love all of this.

Edit: Somebody give me back the artist name I’ve been using since I was thirteen, and have used to release music through IDMf, please. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fid/Wayne is up to his dumb shit again, and I take that as a compliment. :joy:

I never listened to that band, and the lead singer was a legendary douche. :stuck_out_tongue:


i kinda like the new moniker.9788dbba8b1746da0b83578709d12339


I don’t. :neutral_face:


Okay, that’s something I can live with. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorted you ;p


I miss the old qianta :confused:


Even better. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!


The old Qianta would’ve been banned, duh


I think that cat is still around, At least on occasion. Shit I think Vulpes is back too unless it were the wishful hallucinations that kicked in.

Also, I’ve noticed that not only do I refrain from derailing threads…I don’t sideroom (or drink) in the champion form of olde. However, I do feel somewhat good about myself in being able to offer somewhat relevant info and contribute…I mean it only took 7 years of knowing youse guys (and gals)…

I miss Mindsweeper too.


The only Cat that I seem to remember is the lady in Tokkaido Road (novel) who disguised herself as a young man. She was rather skilled with the weapon she carried so she could protect herself.


Essenthy was an idmf HOF member as well. Certainly Essenthy had one of the most iconic avatar’s rivaled only by the impatient hand of RFJ and the GBSR gif.


@valk is back in full force these days, even subbed to the new beat battle! :slight_smile:


ya I kno