Users from the ol' idmf that you miss


where the fuc is empty reach and sveldt, and benwaa balls, and numerical, and mindsweeper, and gbsr, and benelli 3000 aka telefon tel aviv whom i remember because gbsr got into a shit fight with him in the open asshole to idmf community thread, alspo im drunk right now so mods please delete this thread if you deem necessary…fuck man age is like a thing when you get to a certain point its like fuck man things change, and prioirites happen, i know is like you gotta deal with life and all that shit, but a pop in to say hey im not dead would be nice…i’m not worng am i, also this probably one of the first drunk thread/shitpost of the new forum soo…i don’t know i guess what happens happens…


Bemwaa broke up with us to do his Gibbon label.


Son of Akira :frowning:


Just do the beetlejuice trick and one of them is bound to show up



also where the fuck is ambient mechanics, i sent a link to him to the new up and running fourm I also pm’ed, boleshevik rave party, and eat the food via soundfuckingcloud, also its like 3 in the A.m. bro…i would of messaged daed but he’s got god tier level skillz for a pleb like me, to be sending him a fucking message out of the blue being that i’m just some random ass fucker…it is what it is …and yet i’ll cement/christen this place with another brilliant drunken shitpost…fuck… i also forgot about jaded…and oly/ghyt and broton…and kong… and stem collector…fuck man most have moved on i guess life takes priority and this music thing is just one of those things thats like a revolving door where the new crew is left to carry the torch as the ol’ crew moves on but I guess thats the way things go…and you know what that what it is… a cycle of rebirth/creation and destruction… like a river that is ever flowing…fuck apologies for being so zengay, like bengay but with zen and getting overly gushy and gay over shit…also this is probably the longest/most ive ever typed for a post…


I refuse to give in to your sad nostalgia. Look only forward, to the future!


i’m not sad, yo, nostalgic yes but not sad, all these feels im feeling its like…


Damn I really miss that brainfucked guy


me too


yeh… I think the place actually became quite toxic for those guys. There was some decent quality shitposting going on but also dumb arguments with actual anger


yeah i guess everything in moderation, also i’m more sober now…


Yo, did someone say my name?


Frankly I think a few of the people mentioned here were over all bad for the forum. Confrontational etc. I’m not saying I’ve never participated in it, but at this point I’m over arguing with people about their musical tastes or getting on people’s case because their a “noob”. Go start your own tree fort forum if you want to have a cool kids club.


He was long gone from the old forum for some time, and with his accident I don’t see him ever coming back, but I miss our boy Anodyne. Shitty what happened to him.

Edit one of my proudest tracks on my debut was a hybrid remix during his IDMf contest for his darkest weapon track. Working with his stems was a highlight of my production some years ago


yea, bad behavior begets more bad behavior and is unnecessary…


I certainly miss some of the forum bad boys, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve really liked that I haven’t really had to mod a single silly argument or shit flinging sessions since I’ve been a mod. I’m very happy to be the Eastern Standard Time night janitor who nukes bots.


this thread only exist because i had too much sangria…


There was a lot of elitism that permeated parts of some posts… I definitely was witness to more than a few shitshows and dick waggling. I’m just glad the mods here have always been cool as shit.

But hey when the old forum was at it’s worse it was still infinitely better than gearslutz. LoL


Gearslutz does have great info, but the electronic music sub forum is a three ring shit show often.


Eh, I think the good behavior is just part of changing times. Penis measuring and aggression isn’t really cool anymore, in real life and on the internet.

Also, I was going to say Candlesayshi, but I see that he has found his way back!