Users from the ol' idmf that you miss


@nose @Tsachi :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ahw guis thans for noticing


He did have the best nu disco though, which might’ve been a tie with tuskle


Essenthy’s musical output was outstanding, we collab on a track and I was so impressed with what he could with my shit.




I always will love that track. Fuckin bangin


That final drop!!!

I forgot how much animation you can feel. I still recognise some of my bits, but truly Essenthy was amazing.


That was intense! Powerful use of imagination. The rhythms are seriously visceral… mesmerizing… and the arch of the composition and drops masterful.

I joined the forum less than a year before the (you know… the Big THING … that didn’t happen) and don’t remember Essenthy, but so glad to have a taste!

@Auto-meh-geddon … what ever part you played in that piece… well… I’m impressed. :sunglasses:


I’m about to load to Soundcloud an IDMf EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED TRACK:
An unfinished collar between NoFloors and I.


And here it is, posted without Triton’s permission of course!

There is a shorter version of this, around 2 minutes, maybe an older version, which I think sounds better, this track could have been a good dark techno track, no idea why we never finished it…


That’s cool… this reminds of back in the 80’s in the studio. Take a simple sound source on a tape loop and run it through a Slap Back echo on Record fed into and out of 8 successive mixer ports and then play with faders … crazy unexpected heaven and hell could come forth… eventually the tape would start to degrade and you get this warm analogue version of a bit crush like distortion…

Those were the days…


dude…it is literally the BEST Valentine’s Massacre associated thing to ever exist


wow anodyne was one of the people who’s music I really enjoyed, and he was really sweet and helpful. All the best to him!


I’m hurt :pensive:


Hi tree…lol i remember idmfers more than I remember last week


good to see you sap how have you been


Damn I really miss that selena gomez / skrillex character. What’s his name?


Pretty sure that’s Skycore.


I’d expect being called raidenbeats before skycore but ok lol :joy:,

@Lug - chasing the dream lug, plus coming to terms dubstep might be dead :skull: ,


what’s big in electronic music atm? I honestly don’t know what replaced dubstep. Back to house music?


With the sound design lifted from dubstep, it seems. But it doesn’t feel THAT big right now. Hopefully very fractured with opportunities for the obscure out there to get some real momentum behind some sort of ambient dance genre.