Users from the ol' idmf that you miss


Here’s a post from his facebook that explains the situation:

Not too long after he started a new project called ‘Mnemosyne’ which you can check out on Soundcloud.

Not sure if we’ll end up hearing more from this project, but it’s great that he’s not completely gone.


wow, I read that and I can’t even begin to imagine what he must have gone through. Really sad stuff but he sounds really talented, I am hoping he will be able to evolve from this


His mnemosyne stuff is really fantastic… but crazy how he basically had to relearn how to produce. Feel really bad for the dude, It was awesome using his stems from his remix comp back in the day… it’s one of the gems he allowed me to have on my first full length. One of the first remixes I ever did, actually.

<3 anodyne


His outlook is very positive in that post and it sounds like he used the experience to (literally) reinvent himself.

The fact that his brain underwent serious trauma, yet he still retained his core beliefs and musical talent speaks volumes.

Quite an inspiring post, despite the circumstances.

(I can’t speak for the guy, but that’s what I got out of it.)


He’ll be missed here for sure, as will his Anodyne Industries project, but I completely agree. I can’t imagine I’d have that positive an outlook if I were in the same position. “The Altar, Hideous and Beautiful” will be on my playlist forever.


I tried to get Suiyoubi to post again a while back but I dont think he’s going to. Had some amazing photography, that guy.


Maybe I’m thinking of someone else, but I seem to remember him fucking off from the forum because Benwaa (?) deleted his unboxing video of a USB cord or USB hub or something…I don’t know why I remember that specifically. But it was kinda a thing for a day or two.

@relic needs to lay off the herb.


IDMf Unboxed: Banhammer edition

Seriously that sounds hilarious the way you outlined it. XD


It was pretty funny on one end whoever it was totally abusing their admin/mod power on the other hand…


I’m gonna post a video of me Unboxing some Mac’n’Cheese.
Hold onto your socks, or they’ll be blown off.


Did someone actually talk to Ambient Mechanics and he said he wasn’t rejoining?


Yeah I messaged him he has some personal things he has to deal with he said he’ll be back around the summer


That’s actually really cool news. I was trying to keep in touch with him, but haven’t heard from him in a while and was starting to get worried.


I’ll unbox my soul on camera for $5



He really made fun music and I always listened to his mixes


He is very happy running his gibbon farm. Its lucractive stuff.


Who knew a life of music can prepare you for monkey breeding.


What ever happen to ole’ Ben?


He quit because I asked him to change my alt’s profile name. AFAIK He never liked me much to begin with but I think that’s what maybe pushed him over the edge, just got tired of doing mundane admin duties here.

Just purely humorous speculation on my part, dont read much into that.


Why he never resigned as admin is beyond me, haha.