Users from the ol' idmf that you miss


I wonder if he’s still mad at me. Sorry, Cocain, I couldn’t handle your bangers and next-level production tips. I was a real fool.


So it seems that all you need to turn your life around is to get your internet unplugged or make one website inaccessible for 2-3 weeks straight and it raises plenty of existential questions such as “why are we still here? Just to shitpost???”. No wonder some veterans left for good.


I’m going to send everybody hard blocks of cheese so I can make IDMF grate again


Just send some dominoes cheesy bread


I already used this…but once more for the general public: He took a gig as Kanye’s gimp.


spaghettification intensifies


Got u covered girl


Better be good quality mature hard cheese, possibly continental. I’m Italian, I know good cheese.


Have you ever tried that weird ass italian cheese that’s created with all the maggots? Apparently it’s super dank?


I’d love to but I’ve never been to Sardinia (The area where it’s from) and it’s pretty much impossible to find outside the area.
Sardinia has the most barbarian cheeses in the world, they also have one that is fermented in the stomach of dead lambs… So metal and so vile.


Manton is back! (Maybe he’s been here the entire time and I’m now just noticing.)


I miss Aetheros. I keep trying to hit him up to come back but IRL world gottem.



I’m back!
Real world’s got me busy. Haven’t really finished any tracks since 2014, but I’ll try not to be a stranger.


aetheros answered my call <3

missed you buddy, come back around more!


Mindsweeper and I are friends on facebook, we actually met up like 2 or 3 years ago during the summer and jammed out some fun songs in FL Studio. Man IDMf has made my life so much better and i never even really thought about it!
Edit: I see we cant quote comments, so this looks out of place lol.

I miss a lot of people im not seeing tho, oly, broton, and more.

INCIDENTALLY WHO WAS IT ON THESE FORUMS THAT WAS IN A BAND CALLED HEAVIER THAN AIR FLYING MACHINES? Ive been obsessed with their music and know i discovered them on this site but cant remember who showed me them or who was in the band that was on this site.


wow raidenbeats !! memories


Hey lug!!! glad to see youre still around too! I hope these new forums bring in some good people and new talent.


You can quote stuff. When you hit reply it is the first icon in the top left o the reply window.


You can also highlight text, and a “quote” bubble comes up and drops it into a reply window :slight_smile:


what happened?