Users from the ol' idmf that you miss


Oh hayyy gurlllll :slight_smile: welcome back !!


See, I gotcha boi Numerical! He took a break from complaining about co-workers that stare at their phones on the shitter for an hour each day.




Fuck yeah.


Yea but tindering/instagramming whilst pooping is a new national pastime, without smartphones we wouldnt be able to multitask and achieve such great things


^I read that while taking a shit.


Tinnitus not an issue?


Tindering on the crapper is disturbing… Two girls and a cup level disturbing…


I am NOT missing totes antenna


I’ve seen some actually advertise it in their tinder profile


Where be Ambient Mechanics? Or am I just missing his posts?


No, I miss him, too.


Someone said he wasnt planning on rejoining the forum. Maybe earlier in this thread.


The shit she produces is amazing, I love her style.


I’m really surprised at how many people are dissuaded from just making a new account on the current forum and continuing to be part of the community.

The new forum architecture has actually grown on me quite a bit. Hopefully our lost brethren will give it another go


Don’t name names, but has anyone actually said they aren’t coming back because of the new software lol?


Oh, those two comments were slightly unrelated. I don’t think software specifically is the reason people aren’t coming back, but the reset/new start on a different platform seems like the major catalyst… especially if someone was previously active (making a new account and continuing…) is what I meant.


I’m personally glad the forum died, along with all of my shit posting.

I too miss teh Sweeper of minds. And Mr. Broton.


I guess life changes and priorities happen


Where ma’ boy CocainAudio at? He made beatz, yo!