Can we get a goddamn statement?


What happened to IDMForums? Where’s all the old posts? Who what where when why!

Users from the ol' idmf that you miss

If you check the facebook group you’ll see more statements. (But I agree we should get an official front page sticky).

I’ll let someone else explain, but basically the back end of the old site decided to take an extended vacation.


I always forget facebook exists. Part of me wishes FB’s fanny would also fall off


FB is cancer. I only have a decoy profile to manage my music page as it’s apparently required. About ready to do away with that, too. Stalking IDMf’s inactive page when the site was down multiple times recently was fun as well.


It’s planned guys, go easy on us.


how dare you make us wait on this absolutely free service/entertainment!
Don’t you know who we are?
We are legion! and we pay your salary with exposure and adulation! If you can’t keep up with our demands, then you can easily be replaced! I know motherfucking Vlantis, bitches! I can make shit happen!


but honestly, guys…shit happens.
roll with it or get flushed.


Hard disk failure was mentioned on the Facebook page.

Gotta say though, moving away from the archaic vBulletin is a good move.

Embrace modern software!


I don’t know why everyone keeps talking about this and asking questions about what happened. IDMf has always been this. Nothing has happened. Any more talk about the past, you’ll catch a ban.

Hard disk failure? Lol. Pfft. Never.


Mass delusion, you say? It didn’t really happen? It was a figment of our imagination? A vision of an alternate timeline in which we do not belong?


I feel like I’m back from an imaginary vacation


@OP: Who are you?


But you’ve always been here…


Change is a good thing, Go with it.


Getting action over statements has actually been a good thing around these parts so far


“what you put up on the net is there forever”

-Every goddamn fool in 2001

All that cool sci-fi stuf about visiting posts from hundreds of years ago… Not gonna happen. Databases they just fucking stop working.


the old site was hacked by terrorists and used steal peoples identities in order to anonymously launch missiles on IDM




I miss the stickied threads that hadn’t had a post since 2012.


You mean Balzac? Did you come here to talk about literature?