Can we get a goddamn statement?


I never thought I’d say it, but I miss when a one-off poster would bump a thread from 2012 and get it going like it was just posted yesterday. We’ll have to wait until 2024 to see that ever again


I got time.






tent mates


all hail our IDMf overlords


My thought exactly!! :koala:fied


If thou delves in the direst of hours into the ensemble de Facebook, one can bear witness to statements brought about by the highest court of ours (ye, I declare an adhered statement on the home page would be a clarifying delight)

However, I do believe it best another chancellor of the forum shall extrapolate, though let it be known that the rearest end of the elder domain has basically gone and fuckethed itself, my brethren.


TBH… i feel like I post more on the new forums than I did on the old. I was a member of IDMF since like 2011 or earlier… and just couldn’t fully engage for some reason or other.

Don’t know what a statement to apologize to us for loosing the use of a free website to host our conversations, thoughts, and art would do for my soul, BUT if the sites admin are willing to dole out boxes of tea to everyone as an apology, I won’t complain…

Oh by the way only people probably deserving a statement are the artist they realized songs by. But I’m sure the admin have those tunes in a different location than the servers hosting the forums…

Oh no-one ask or my 2p? :wink:


Hey does anyone know a good pair of head phones for producing


I really like my KRK KNS-6400’s :slight_smile:


Which Facebook group? I’m on the IDMf Netlabel one but I don’t see a discussion area on it.


The IDMforums group, different from the Netlabel fb which is for release content only.


beats by dre…


Do you have a link? Cuz I cannot find it anywhere.



A goddamn statement has been made, so closing : )