To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Yeah, it is a pretty nice place. Cannon Beach is cool, but so is Astoria, Newport, Lincoln City…tons of places. CB is the “closest” to Portland though, from a drive-time perspective. Job options on the coast are pretty slim usually, it depends on what you do for a living. Real-estate costs are also quite high. I would do it in a hearbeat if I had to do my life all over again though…just find a niche and stay there. Great place.


What a great score! I’m a major Zappa fan… but he’s made so many albums… I bet I haven’t heard half of them.


Wow :open_mouth: that was wild! :ghost:


Yeah, my stepdad turned me on to him way back in the 90s when I was goodwill hunting for LPs. I snagged a few, but there were hardly ever any Zappa albums around. I recall I had “Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch” and “Hot Rats” now that i think about it…have to see how many there are and how many more I will have to get. :slight_smile:

Also, yes, that movie would be great. If you like that, check out one that is really going to be produced:


a hierarchy of snacks:

  • free pizza
  • pizza
    -cold pizza
    -cold free pizza when you are far too drunk to actually feed yourself to avoid drunken visits to the porcelain god later in the evening/morning.
    …i need more pizza


Reid Speed might literally the most humble, real-person DJ I’ve ever met. Super cool person and didn’t even mind my drunk buddy was giving her creepy hugs. Highly recommend, high energy show with DnB of all the flavors and from all throughout time. Amazing.


She’s a legend. Matt Lange did a podcast with her which was really interesting. She had a pretty nuts childhood:


Radical! And hilarious :rofl:


Last night in the bedroom:

“I want you to do THIS.”
“That is going to require some real coordination.”
“I have faith. You’re a drummer.”

(And this is why staying off the internet has been a good thing for me, and why I will continue to stay off of it for a while.)


just added a 7 USB port PCIE card to my pc today :smiley:
no more headache of having to set up a USB hub


we require video evidence of this interaction…for…scientific purposes


Hmm most interesting…yes yes we must study this thoroughly…in triplicate.
with diagrams…pics…evidentiary you see…strictly scientific…as my associate has previously stated.


I’m flattered that you guys want to see me naked…

What made me happy: last night I went to see a math rock band play an apartment show. Pretty sure I was the oldest by around ten years, but as everybody keeps telling me, I look like I’m twenty.

The band was great, the scene was great (no douchebags), I sat on the couch in front of the band and got my anxiety-ridden reclusive friend to join me. I pregamed a bit before but didn’t have any alcohol or weed or anything the rest of the night, and peaced out once the after-party started (and my friend was a beast and stayed out all night. Rock n roll!)


Updated Omnisphere today. Happened across this nugget in the update:

Much much wootage :slight_smile:


Poured out all my vodka today. I realized the best days I’ve had lately were not when I was plastered.


Ableton 10.1.0b950,765,214 Beta


Really just the new IDMf release, the set turned out so good… and the community involvement, the artwork… all of it. It just makes me really happy :slight_smile:


So I just build a basic Midi arpeggiator…in PowerShell. Why? Because I can.





I got to play video games at work.