To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Haha, In first you loveable mad cunts.

Tonight is my second to last session of classes for the semester. And with my new end of semester grading system I’ll be drunkenly baking for the holidays in no time : )


This site being back up again


Knowing that all I have to do for the rest of the evening is play some video games and go read Childen of Dune until I fall asleep.


That sounds like a beauty for sure!


Today in particular, happily sitting in pain from a new large (basically my whole outer upper arm) tattoo. Feel so much better the less boring pale skin I have.

And of course everyday my wonderful wife and kid.


Beyond excited to have stumbled across a package store in Ashville N.C that hosts synth jams every fourth Tuesday of the month.


@relic: surely you meant drunk and baked


Oh cool, my lockdown is lifted and my post from the other day has been saved. That’s convenient:

Being sober for a little while before the holidays come around and fuck up my gut. Feels pretty good to commit to a good month of just being healthy and shit.

Oh yeah, and IDMF is back :smiley:


Flawless show w Kid Cudi at Madison Square Gardens tonight. High stress situation and perfect execution.


^Madison Square Garden?! That’s feeakin amazing.

I’m happy that I moved into a single bedroom house for the first time in a few years and have set up unlimited internet access, again, for the first time in a few years.

Spent the last week getting this place up to snuff and have recently been dealing with baking soda in my carpet to get the smell out. It worked, but vacuuming and cleanup has been a nightmare, and still ongoing. Will post pics after I deal with all this boring crap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to see IDMf starting to slowly pick up steam again (just fucking change the “F” to lowercase, okay??)

Happy to have a good job starting on Monday.

Annnnnd happy to be almost done with my next music thing. I worked on it a shit ton while the site was down, and it’s on hold while I deal with life shit, but it’s almost there.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to drinking and basking in the glory of having the internet.


I found a 15 inch ELO touchscreen at the goodwill. 6 ridiculous dollars lol.

This is great because some applications work better with a single-touch screen that more or less emulates the mouse.
The nord modular editor and VCV rack, for instance, will work better with this than with my Acer multi-touch. Thought apparently windows 10 solves these issues.


Soppy post warning:
Today marks my 5th wedding anniversary and I couldn’t be happier, I married an amazing woman who supports my 100%.
Even when I told her I wanted to quit my well paid day job to try my hand at making casual games, she said “Do it!”.

Also, today I find out that on Unity the “on pointer” commands work for touch too and my life got easier straight away.


being back on idmf and not having to log in to facebook regularly any more <3

nice to be back with you guys


Oh bad ass dude. Cudi kinda dropped off my radar. I’ve never looked into seeing him perform. Good to know he is still doing gigs. I mean like…obviously…Madison Square Garden.


today i am happy to be home.

bought a quarter of legal CO green and some bluntwraps - ready for a session on some Neeeeeeon Citays material.


He just released a collab w Kanye called Kids See Ghosts. Def check it!


I will! Was catching up with his 2016 release this afternoon at the store.


Somehow i got accepted for credit on some equipment (doesnt matter what it is) that i would never be able to afford other wise. I can save roughly 200 quid a month by eating humus for lunch every day, buying zero clothes or paying unnexpected bills and not really doing anything other than going to work and coming home.

WOW am i now questioning my decision haha still its exciting though.


i once bought audio toys through paypal worth ~£200 (cant remember what i bought), but the money didnt come out straight away and by the time it did it wasnt in the bank any more. paypal put me in the red and paid the seller but never actually took the money. so basically paypal bought me a new toy :smiley:


I had that happen one time and got cocky, but they just pulled the money at a later date when I didn’t really have it and I learned Paypal’s TOS super fast.

Back when they didn’t have their shit together, it was like the wild west. Nowadays none of that shit flies anymore