To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


yea this happened probably about 7 years ago now. i got lucky. to be fair it was their own fault for not taking the money, fuck em :smiley:


Finally some no-responsibility time today to sit down in the graphics department of my studio :slight_smile:


Just had a nice day with my other half and my best friend and thought, fuck it, what else do I even need?


Winter break is a few weeks away. Nothing but music for me!


taking a look around this new site layout today was happy for me. IDMf has come a long way since the old format. it will take some getting used to for sure but I really love the new features.


good to see you around here Fiddy :slight_smile: your unpredictable shitposting was always the highlight of my old IDMf user experience.jpg


I’m so happy to have an outlet for that again :rofl:


i was looking at the old site saved on the way back machine and forgot how much the place has changed in the last 10 years, even before this major revamp.
weve come a long way for a bunch of shit posters


Had a good sit down and chat with the best man of my wedding.
Turns out he and his wife are recently separated as well.
Two failed marriages doesn’t make me happy, but having a close friend going through the same thing at the same time helps normalize it, and helps me realize that I don’t have to feel bad about myself.
Plus it was good to just sit back and hear someone vent the exact same feelings.
We made plans to have a bachelor non-Christmas celebration, and i am rather looking forward to it, to be honest.


Actually managed to spend a few hours yesterday writing a 1100 word piece for a Gwent (card game) related writing competition. Been a while since I did that… I use to write published articles for a local journalism mag… literature was always my strong point (despite my shitposting here).

Hopefully the contest renders one of the top three places in my favor, but we’ll see. Regardless, any time I have sat down before a due date and completed a fully edited piece and put my OCD aside, I consider a success.


Celebrated my birthday the other day and also broke in the new house with a private karaoke party.

Work was cancelled today, so I’m spending the day working on the mixes to my EP, and they sound pretty good. Better than they did yesterday. Really pushing my vocals to the front, which is a first and crazy to think about.

The person who I want to do some backing vocals on the last track has agreed to do it.



Just need to re-record vocals so I can change one word (yeh, really lol) then i can get on with tidy-up.

When that’s done, got some loud angry nerd synth shit for you cunts.

Won’t be this year though. 2018 is the year of me appearing to do fuck-all while still peddling hard as hell, just not in here (as gutting to me as that is). Glad in two weeks this shitty year is over.

Love this mod team we have now. Its what we’ve needed for years.

Apologies for obscure all-over-the-place post. I’ll get around to explaining it never :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeh, very happy today :smile:


Just good to see you smiling my man!


I can’t wait until they have a VST for that. Wordchanger 2.0 will probably be better than 1.5


i heard about a new vst it’s called microsoft office by microsoft




Sick as fuck all weekend, waste of my bimonthly 3-day’ers. Regardless, have a slew of new games to play thanks to all the holiday sales and that’s enough to keep my spirits up.

I have low standards


Yesterday I dedicated the entire day to rerecording things, and most of it was just to change one word or one line of delivery I didn’t like, so that’s totally normal. :stuck_out_tongue:


The city has been working on the trail that goes along the lake separating the paths for runners and cyclists, and the part that was between where I live and work has been closed with no detour for months. Which sucked because it was nice (even if it was a little out of the way) when I wanted a go for a chill car-less ride home.

Learned today that they finished the project and it was back open. So, I took the trail when I got out of work, and they haven’t finished turning on the lights on the trail so no one was out and it was super dark and riding home past the city lights through the darkness and under the stars was a real nice and chill feeling.


Three weeks of vacation starting today. And goodies to play with. Gonna be a real 3-week Christmas this time around!