To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Hosting NYE as usual at my crib. We are having Remember the Maine cocktails:
2 oz Rye Whiskey, (we will use Bulliet)
1/2 teaspoon absinthe (we will use Pernod)
3/4 once Sweet Vermouth
2 teaspoons Cherry Herring (we will use Luxardo, a Spanish cherry liquor I prefer)
Stir well in cracked ice, serve up in a chilled cocktail glass garnish with good maraschino cherry.

Rolling a few cones to go along with those. Will pre record some mixes. Cards Against Humanity. Things wrapped in bacon. Applewood smoked jerk ribs. Red beans and rice. Chilled shrimp cocktail.

Also have some homemade lemon simple syrup as the biproduct of some candy makingā€¦thinking that might be good in vodka, brandy (which will both be on hand) or the rye.


Sounds fun. Only, Pernod is not Absinthe. Not even close imho. Vieux Carre is a good one as is Phoenix Distillery Meadow of Love (gotta be to sport such a name).
Also, if you havenā€™t already, try Carpano Antica as your sweet vermouth.


Good eye! I will look into those : )


I want to join that.


Get yourself to Akron, Ohio and you are invited man : ) Would love to host some of you mad cunts.


Me too!


Dang, nine hours. If I hadnā€™t just started a new job I might have taken you up on that. The gears are turning. Let me check with the bosses and see what kind of time off I have. I have a shit ton starting on the first. :stuck_out_tongue: Donā€™t get your hopes up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my god I earned my first quote badge today!


Before I die I would like to participate in a live collab with a bunch of people here. :musical_note:


I would also have to run it by my better half, but if you are serious I can make the case. Let me know. The invite itself wouldnā€™t be a problem at all, just have to double check if staying at our place was OK.


(I tried to quote this post, but fucked it up and accidentally saved it. So ignore this post.)




Haha. I will ask her tomorrow. She is pretty open to whatever, but I donā€™t really wear the pants if Iā€™m honest lol. Your adventurous spirit is inspiring. Itā€™ll be a small gathering like 10 people max.


The Meadow of Love is trickier to come by. Online is best:


Been a few days alreadyā€¦

Last Saturday was my last day of work until April. It was a tough year. A blur. Time to relax and live off unemployment money for a while.

Alsoā€¦ music, some yoga and shit to get my neck, shoulders and back to stop hurting so damn much.

Right now, I have the sleep schedule of a lazy cat.


Highly doubt any of you madlads are even close to me over here in Salt Lake City, but with some willingness to travel, Iā€™d go out for an IDMf meet up. Decks and Drinks


I swear we had someone else from Utah.


Yeah I think Vlantis lived there and died from people throwing rocks at him or something.


@Vlantis , if you lived here I need to know your tale.


Weed edibles and Xmas shopping completed. Having a friend and former room mate over for dinner, cooking Mediterranean - add bourbon.