To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Turns out I have New Year’s Eve and New Year’s off…just sayin’…

Waaaat. I left Moab in September. I plan on visiting my peeps there sometime next year.

You live in SLC? My condolences. :joy: That place is…weird. :stuck_out_tongue:


How VERY socially awkward of me! :rofl::rofl:


Life itself.


He meant drugs.


I literally spent almost my whole day on here. that’s a testament to how awesome this place is, I suppose.


The other day I scored Micro Q for $100, and it came with a Yamaha VL20m accoustic modelling synth thrown in because the sellee thought it was useless junk. Plus a midi splitter and a midi merger.

Deal of my lifetime and makes my studio (temporarily) complete. Sequenced 6 parts simultaneously from my Electribe with no lack of voices so far. My boner still hasnt gone back down.


And the yamaha


this tea pure leaf, i drink it whenever i get sickish and experience a sore throat/sinus issues, seriously that tea boosts my immune system and i feel somewhat better afterwards…hey sometimes its better not to take prescription drugs for certain things like the minor stuff like a sore throat or whatever…


It’s Friday… and a short one at that, due to the holidays.

Getting ready to go buy 15 bottles of Tequila and 15 limes for my associates at work.

It’s the little things…


That is funny, I came here to post that I had fun buying 60 bottles of bubbly for my club today. The cashier didn’t bat an eye. Last week I had to buy 600 single shots called “Klopfer.” So now over $300 worth of hooch is clogging up my entryway and I look forward to drinking it with friends in January.


3 songs. Now for the scary bit.


Two friends of mine finally on their way to get married <3


At long last I got to retire the 1997 SUV in which I was buzzing around for what feels like eons. The contrast to a decked out modern car couldn’t be any more stark. Every winter I was freezing my ass off and worried that some day it would just refuse to start up.



At least you have your priorities straight. :+1:


Too funny…


I’m 90% done with new album. It’s way too hi-tech. Mixing is/was hell.


salivation intensifies


I spent the first day of the year getting a room set up dedicated just to music, well and a guest room as well. But I am happy to move stuff out of my bedroom and have a place that I can just go to be creative.


Before the new year I found my cat trying to crawl his way home. Took him to the vets to find both his back legs were paralyzed and he had no pulse in his left side, thought it might be a blood clot. Was given the choice of putting him down right then or seeing if they could do something. Went to see him this morning and he’s able to hop about on his hind right leg for a little bit then he needs to rest. The vet showed me the ex-ray he took to check his spine and his heart was twice the size it should be.

So right now i’m leaving him at the vets a couple of more days to see if he recovers any more otherwise he might need his hind left leg amputated. Anyway I was expecting to be burring him today, but this is great news as he’s my only friend :cat:


Coming back to work in January, crazy busy. So many projects… but a good chance for me to make a lot of head way. Spent the majority of my week making some good progress on biochemistry batch records, implementing new R&D formulation data into some new manufacturing documents. I feel accomplished.