To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


@nostromer: what do you do for a living?


I work for a biotech company that makes diagnostic medical devices and instruments that test for infectious diseases through DNA amplification technology, some of which are for government contracts. Specifically though, I work as a product transfer coordinator, aiding in the transfer/industrialization of conceptual ideas in research and development, all the way through manufacturing into actual production units that can be sold and used. A lot of that is sometimes developing chemistry records for use in manufacturing, all the way to maintaining and certifying labels used on the components, creating development workflows…

a lot of what I do is meetings and emails, to be honest. Tons of coordination logistics.

Didn’t think I’d end up in biotech, my background for years was in QA/QC industrial inspection and radiography, but hey, I like my cozy office job and not working in the field anymore. Haha.

Pretty cool shit, though, biotechnology is fucking insane these days.



Today is Portuguese beans day. I seriously enjoy this day more than any others. Also I got a sweet new cast iron pot.


It’s always been insane. Started out inbiotech R&D in 2002 and recently switched to the clinical development side of things after 16 years on the R side of R&D. Change is good. Keeps the mind sharp.





Recent revelations and turn of events got me needing to move out of where I was and rather quickly… I ended up landing my own spot. Just mine here in NOLA. Furnished it. It’s skeleton bachelor pad and my music production studio is almost completely setup. Aaaaaaaaaand I just setup mothafuckin internet. Smile bitch! Livin’ my best life.

A new FidVid on its way very soon. Have a strong as fuck internet connection for doing desktop DAW streaming too. Very excited. Very happy. Today is a good day.


its crazy how much we rely on internet. its always one of the biggest problems for me when moving into a new place. i cant remember how we survived before :thinking:


These days it is a bit of a weird situation. In the states, you can’t just hook up some rabbit ear antennae to your TV and get the basic broadcast channels. You can’t just walk down the street and find a pay phone to use.

We don’t even really keep physical media in our home except for some pretty select books and DVDs. Hell…when the HDMI cord for our DVD player broke we started just using the one I take to class to project my laptop screen b/c we never watch DVDs…

We do still own a couple radios, but there is hardly anything I’d listen to. One afternoon comedic talk show and we have a public radio station (besides NPR) that is kinda cool about half the time.

This is why Net Neutrality is such a huge deal–we get everything sent to us on a single medium now. Its all or nothing.


Fuck yeah man !

Congrats on the new place, wondering if I’d see you around here again soon


Yea its the same in uk. The world is changing fast. Its changing in a good way for the most part though. The only physical media i own is music apart from, as you said, a select few things, and even they sit there and do nothing until there is no internet :slight_smile:
the only thing that does concern me is the lack of basic survival skills these days. If something big happens that sets us back a few years we will be fucked.


When you’ve got that good day off buzz going but then you realize the sun is going down but then your S.O. says she has to work pretty late and you spark another bowl and oh yea you are making some weird dark ass disco.


nah I survived fine. read a and drew a lot. but ultimately my goal has been trying to pick up where I left off in san francisco, bringing us together to talk shop and make IDMf slightly more human with Colloquuum. This has been on my mind every day despite me being so quiet lately. Toooons of life shit to work out but things are looking more up lately than they’ve ever been.


hold me senpai <3


Today I showed my 5 year old a picture of Robert Downey Jr. from when he was a kid. It really looks a lot like my kid. I showed my kid and he said ‘wow. that is a picture of me when I was older.’
Granted, he is being casually raised Hindu (i.e. inc. Reincarnation) so that is less of a surprising answer, but I just got a kick out of the way he said it.


kids see ghosts is very good but you must see the other terms of policy


before the days of the internet (in the home) i used to draw a lot, but i havent drawn anything serious in i dont even know how many years. i was never amazing though, so no loss, but it was great fun and definitely a great substitute for the internet


Still my favorite live video on youtube. Watching it again after a couple months. So FUCKING good:

EDIT: Just looked and they released a new album. One of the few bands that still gets me giddy to check out a new release. This is…pretty fucking bad, unfortunately. What the actual fuck. Jesus. Fucking autotune.

Just skimmed through the rest. I hate it. The 80’s retrowave influence is too on the nose (and I love a lot of that stuff), and the vocal melodies sound like the fucking shit people incorrectly labeled emo in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. This band has gone from acoustic jazz trio, to 70’s inspired prog rock, to death metal, to oldschool metal, and I like everything they released…but this…

Probably should have posted this in the pissed off thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


But, They are still standards.