To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


their new album is dreadful. such a sudden dip in quality knowing all that cool stuff they did previously, like Blackjazz and Grindstone albums. Now suddenly it’s all some over-produced electronic radio rock, what the hell.


Got to the office today at 5:30AM and tackled some pretty cool manufacturing workflow documentation regarding a certain tricky biochem panel.

But the real thing that I owe to happiness today, is this:



^ I remember when I lived in Utah. Do your best Shawshank impression for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


A weekend off and my SO is going to a women’s march…studio time !!


Searched for this on a whim. Was not expecting something so awesome.

That fucking jazz breakdown.


Got shit up to do some vinyl sampling. I’ve been feeling the samples over synths recently. Remember, your DAW is the most powerful sampler known to humanity.


^Do you have any records that you feel comfortable chopping up and scratching the shit out out of with a blade to make some interesting patterns?


Oh hell yea man. I have half a crate of thrift store junk. So just scratch patterns in them you say?


I’ve been looking for an old video that demonstrates how to cut up records with scissors, but I can’t find it.

Cut them up into pie chart looking things and lay them on top of each other and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue:

Might want to experiment on shitty equipment first…

Wish I could find that video…


Probably deleted for copy right infringement. So you also put more than one record on the turntable?


Start small. Chop a single album into pieces. Once that clicks, start mixing and mstching.

Full disclosure: I don’t have any real experience. I did it once after watching that video and it was pretty cool, but never tried again.

You literally cut up records and place them on top of each other. I can’t explain it any better than that, but I once again stress to start with disposable needles. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool. I think I got it. Ill have a look around the internet as well.


The Punisher season 2


finishing the last few verses of recorded vocals for my bands new black metal album… been in production since July, sounds incredible. then mastering begins.

Then I’ll be home working on some city at worlds end material while the wife gets tattoo’d all day.

Going to be a really productive day musically :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thats an awesome idea. Now i have another excuse to get my decks set up again. Thanks

After reading the rest of your posts you mean something different to what i imagined. It must be difficult to get the edges to match up.


^Just go with your original idea!

I meant both (slicing into them with a blade to make patters, plus the other thing) but got side tracked with trying to explain this other concept that I’m still trying to find a video of with no luck.

I don’t take credit for these ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:


Black Friday I ordered all of this furniture. My living room is finally complete after 3 send backs and months of being sent the wrong furniture. I FINNALY HAVE EVERYTHNG lol


quite nice…

… to turn into a jam space :smiling_imp: hehe


I like how you think lol


you should be there!!