To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


I know :frowning: but I also rarely get music time. Ive gone to a few. Unfortunately got cancelled due to blizzard


Today is over, but I felt like musically I created quite a bit… Winterlore (my black metal band) is well into our 4th album and the 3rd is nearly done in production… and shit

life is good :slight_smile: networked with some of you awesome IDMfers today too

cheers homies!


Happy it’s the weekend that means detox day


The rug really ties the room together…


rain with a high of 45 degrees.

winter is over

fuck yes


Not here… we just get a small little taste of spring, then get ripped back down into the abyss.


How’d you survive the cold bro? You work in the field, don’t ya? Shit. I’ve worked out in -30 below doing radiography for a winter. That shit SUCKED


Long Underwear and tons of lotion


would make for a good gay porn title


Is an accurate description of daily life in Wisconsin


If I didn’t have my wife around to do all of the proper shit, I’d never have a regular living room. It would be like “studio 1” “studio 2”, and oh this? Studio 3 has a toilet and a shower


Ended up getting a bundle of books about music and sound, and I was worried that it would just sit around unused. However, after getting a bit through one of them it’s been super interesting and I’m excited to read some of the others, too.

Most of my worry was that I’ve wanted to read This is Your Brain on Music for a long time and I see it sitting there on my shelf and every time I just point at it and think, “Yeah, someday.”


Yeah, the living room was the place where I just whipped stress balls against the wall until my girlfriend made me buy furniture lol.


Haha, amen brother. I’m such a dry, pasty ass lol.

In other news, it feels fucking glorious to have sold out. Like I fucking love you guys and the music you make. But I found great relief in going to back to what I loved originally about electronic music. Just those incessant club beats. The first albums I loved were Sasha and Digweed “Northern Exposure” (mix album), Fat Boy Slim “We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”, The Chemical Brothers “Dig Your Own Hole” and more so “Surrender”, Astral Projection, Moby (when he still made techno), Rabbit in the Moon. All that good 90’s four to the floor shit.

I just want to make party music that is basically beats, bass and fun samples. I just wanna make dem booties shake.

That is all. Carry on.


There is too much truth in this post




azithromycin systemic
doxycycline systemic
Finally over a month long battle w/a resistant sinus infection,bronchitis.


Work called out a fuckin’ snow day today. Off and paid. Time to get cracking in the studio :slight_smile:


A blunt, porntube and a jolly good wank!
ah actually that was yesterday…
Yep the Kleenex is cardboard, yesterday it was!


Work let us out at 2pm today, I was hungover all day and when they said that i looked like a damn meerkat popping it’s head out of the ground.