To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Sex is a good stress reliever


Happy today because I got to start work early and thus finish early.

Worked on moving the song we worked on on the iPad (our midi sequencer/recorder, drum machine) yesterday and declared ready to record to the computer. Always nice to hear the iPad stuff run through the more powerful processors. And patched some Sub Phatty bass replacement in. And some Tremor.


I was asked to help write an album with a band today. I’m not 100 percent on joining, but feelsgoodman


Stopped eating cereal and started eating salad with a lil bit of vinegar for breakfast, so far I cut back on dairy and bread and started drinking more water and fruit juices, I feel less hungry and thirsty


I cut out wheat, gluten, bread (2 slices ony a day organic spelt flour), No dairy, sugar (aside from fruit and naturals), alcohol (about 2 units a month), smoking (still vapebake the herb) but no tobacco or vaping!
Feel amazing, lost 2 stone +, still enjoy life. Can have coffee with organix double cream, can eat raw milk cheese. Loads of good fats ie pure butter, fresh lard…amazong what you can and cant eat.

NO PROCESSED FOOD WHATSO EVER and GOD I feel good :slight_smile:

Loads of non root veg, brown rice, wild salmon and white sea caught fish. all good and amazing what you get used to.

Eating a biscuit or mars bar nowadays just taste of palm oil and other shite…the pallete is amazingly adaptive.

I sleep less and have so much more energy…this year build up the excercise…life is good. well almost but thats a post for another thread.


I really wish my partner liked fish more…I would eat fish 2-3 times a week. I’m so fucking sick of chicken and ground turkey. She basically only likes “square fish” lol.


President’s Day observed next Tuesday…studio time bitches!


finishing a second track in ableton.


People don’t give diet enough credit for their sleeping habits. I’ve had insomnia for my entire life until I just went total carnivore. Now sleeping is like teleporting 7-8 hours into the future


Finished a new collage. Apologies for the water mark. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m going to get my stuff properly photographed and/or scanned and also make some prints.


You know this is some understated shit but I’m gonna go out there and say it

Fuckin Garlic. Adding that shit to my culinary endeavors today, and it’s always the best shit nobody talks about unless it’s on bread.

Fuck yeah to our main man Garlic

I think such a profane explanation was necessary in this context


made a witch core(its like witch house but with break beats) track, i is happy cause I made it wif my skillz


Well… it appears that I am starting a new chapter of my life! Cheers! I think I earned a drink


Oh snap ! Congrats man :slight_smile:


Congrats!..hope it was not a big suprise…
i owe my happinessness to owning ableton live suite !
now that i know it well,i already made 2 tracks in a day.
glad i took my time away to learn it well.


Rescued this guy the other night. Took him to the pet store today and decked out his living quarters. Gave him some fat cockroaches and fruit. He’s crazy chill, took him from a really shitty home. This little dinosaur is dope.



got a pretty good mix of the latest song. Just waiting on my bandmates to get some tertiary noise parts in.



That’s a fun little ditty and a cool tool…

Thanks for sharing that :+1::ghost:


I was just at my friend’s house hanging out with his lizard haha. It’s very similar, bearded dragon? I didn’t pay attention too much in lizard class.