To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Just getting home from doing some live sculpting. some friends of mine were performing a weekly gig for the month of February at my local watering hole, and they had some artists doing live art during their performance. For whatever reason, they had no artist slated to accompany them this week. so I offered to bring in some clay and whip out some faces on the fly.
At first it was kind of nerve wracking, as I usually do my art at home, away from prying/judging eyes. But after i had a shot of Jameson, I was able to pluck up the courage to just sit down and focus on the clay. I produced 3 pieces in as many hours, and I am very happy with at least two of them. I just have to wait and see how they dry, and if i am happy enough to perhaps paint and varnish them for a finished product.
On top of that, they also gave me $50 bucks for the experience.
All told, I had a very good night and am very interested in trying it again.


That was a pretty cool podcast thing we did last night for the idmf discord. Totally down for more of that. I feel good getting back into the groove of things.


too lazy to wait for your chicken to thaw, well i gotta solution a quick way to cook frozen food is to add some water turn on heat and cover it so that it steams, also cutting it into peices helps

also it tastes fine, totally wont have the texture of leather


if you are cooking it in the oven, you can always reduce the heat and cook it for a bit longer. It also is a good idea if you are making maybe a butter chicken style dish.
I have also used this technique with a pork tenderloin, with a peanut satay sauce. It made the most absolute perfect pulled pork. Just saying.




paying off debts with portions of a tax return is an oddly satisfying feeling of relief. It’s not that it wasn’t money I didn’t work for… or fun money I can’t spend… it’s just more air I can breathe at the end of the day. I suppose that’s worth a bit of happiness as anything else.

I’ll also probably blow a good chunk of my federal return on an 8-string guitar so that’ll be a fun future venture to look forward to.


Being fiscally responsible is always a good feeling, I rather have less money with less things and no stress from debt then lots of things with debt collectors badgering me. Good luck on the guitar!


Well I spoke to soon… my girlfriend starting bleeding an abnormally large amount, we had blood samples taken from the hospital and oddly they called this an “abortion” but what really happen is that the pregnancy didn’t stick and the body rejected it, resulting in a miscarriage. It would have been worse if she was further along I think but it’s still a sad blow to moral around the house. People I work with have said that the first pregnancy has a higher chance of not sticking then other ones in the future. Another one of life’s lessons.


payday! sumatran coffee ,smokes,started another track.yay.:sunglasses:


I played an Omnichord for the first time in over twenty years today. They had to pry me from that fucking thing. I’m in love. Gonna try to buy one in the coming weeks.


tong-feeding cockroaches to a bearded dragon is an experience I didn’t know I’d find so uncomfortable and weird. Dubia cockroaches are cool guys, basically beetles.

I never really felt that way when I fed feeder insects to my spiders, but it’s interestingly different when you do it to a fat lazy-ass lizard. I kinda feel bad for them.

Anyways he’s fed so I’m happy - thanks for reading. I have to put him in the bath now. first world captive reptile problems


I put some obscure guitar pedals on Reverb last night and was surprised they sold right away. More €£¥$ for other gear.


Ain’t no cat takin’ a leak in my crib!


I randomly went to a downtown bar for drinks. Saw some dude with a Bathory hoodie and was like “Hey man, that’s a good fuckin’ band!”

We got to chatting and find out he’s my age, been in the same Salt Lake City black metal scene forever, somehow missed eachothers bands…

…but moreso… he’s in my guitarist’s side project as the drummer (I’m a drummer) and I’ve spent the past 2 years in a jam space playing on HIS acoustic drum kit.

I was like “oh. So YOU are Evan”

Small world. Glad I had that beer.


Might as well post here as anywhere cos being back made me happy.

Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do with you fucknuggets. Hope you are all well :slight_smile:


You being back made me happy today.


Met with a new Therapist today that is very off-schedule for most in that field. It was great. Best i’ve felt in a while all things considered.


Added this sexy bastard to my workstation today. Was overdue to retire my BF4 mech with the loud ass cherry blue MX switches.


Finally having one of these made my day!


I’m in love (with this thing :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Vocals are still rough, but I haven’t gotten quite past the organized chaos stage.