To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?




On a friend’s recommendation, I’ve ordered a bag of cider.


lol bag.

But yeh, really.


look at this dude

*wheeze * *wheeze *


My little daughter was dancing to my music in the livingroom today😂


I now have 8.25TB of storage :smiley:


Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, Lamb Of God, and mutha fucking Slayer. Such a great concert! Plus, one of my co-workers took advantage of the $20 ticket sale they had, bought 4 of them and gave me one. I obviously owe her more than words can describe, but i am so happy that i didn’t miss this show!!!


Got a new co-worker a few days ago.
Pissed me of this morning by asking stupid questions and trying to be funny while I was trying to finish some important stuff for a customer that is already pissed of because of delivery delay.
My other co-worker Marcus asked me why I was pissed of and what he could do to cheer up my mood.
“Gimme a bottle of whiskey and a funnel!” He left the room saying nothing and returned 45 Minutes later with a bottle of “Glenfiddich 12 Years old” grinning like a bastard and said “Dude, take this. Hope you happy now”


Damn, what did you delete?


Ding dong the witch is dead.


First time really in Texas non-work related.

Total “from Utah” moment.

“Yeah I’ll have a house whiskey and coke, double”

-“we can’t do 4oz.”

At that moment I realized all drinks here are doubles (2oz). In Utah you can only get 1oz, maybe 1.5oz.

And 7-11 sells wine.

The fuck. I hate Utah






no better moment to listen to music than right after practice
I never gave credit to mccoy tyner for his solo on my favorite things. it’s absolute genius


I took this pretty badass picture of an octopus today. Was mesmerized by this dude for quite a while at the world aquarium in Dallas.


Sitting at a bar and threw $20 into the jukebox to blast nothing but Deftones for an hour :slight_smile:


My Livid Base hasn’t worked with Ableton since I upgraded to Live 10 recently so I just bought a used Push since I made about $200 more than I expected on my paycheck for some reason. Didn’t realize how much overtime I was getting haha


Also will be getting monitors soon here and a better space to set things up so I’m happy about that :slight_smile:




Been getting a lot more into retro stuff, trying to scope out some of my missed favs for the Genesis. Found this gem today:

Gonna have to blast through this one, hard stuff. :slight_smile: Soundtrack is incredible


Another great one from that system was Shadowrun.