To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Played a lot of Contra III - The Alien Wars when young, but they called it Super Probotector and changed the soldiers or mercenaries to robots for the PAL version hehe - that robot boss thingy looks about the same as some Contra III bosses though. It was pretty mindless but fun, even played it once with an emulator later ^^


Amen to that :innocent:


Totally! Actually went to a store that had it (cartridge only) for $30… But… the screws were out of it and so the chip was just hanging inside of it loose, and they said they wouldn’t guarantee it. Hard pass.

Gonna have to get that one online next for sure!! Love that title.


Sooo many hours of my youth spent on Shadowrun (both sega and pnp). Good times!

Battletech was another I just remembered.



“Your track will be prepared”


In another episode of nostromer chases Genesis titles, found a copy of sonic 1 & Spinball with original case for $15 total.

Nice! Manual included . I’ll take it


There is a “new” shadowrun on steam.


Today, happy to have a new studio tech. Seriously, he is strangely focused in life in helping with stuff that bigger kids and grownups are doing. So this started with “how can I help?” Some time ago and is now lol “climb behind that desk and find the one that says midi in. Check the cable isnt loose.”

He legit knows ts trs xlr male female, the later of which he thinks is hilarious.


legit just saw Antigen Shift open for The Crystal Method
so happy right now.


Just upgraded my Intro 10 to Suite 10.


Got a few messeges from YouTubers who like to use my music for their videos. :blush:


The local electrician located the fault in our electrical system this morning. The power in the kitchen had been behaving erratically for a while, and I just couldn’t figure out why. It turned out to be a simple loose connection in an unused ceiling lamp socket. It could’ve started a fire at some point, though, so - despite my shame of not being able to find it myself - I’m happy we decided to call in an expert:)


finally wrapped my mind around some assembly code. Going back in time. :slight_smile:

Really considering going head first on trying to develop something for the genesis/megadrive, despite knowing it would be a 5-10 year process.

I’m pretty sure I’m in inspiration overload, looking at a cliff of challenge.

I wouldn’t have it any other way :slight_smile:


Was working on my cover of Being Boiled last night and checking out what I’d done this morning while puttering about. Sounding quite industrial mixed with late '70s / early '80s fun. I’m not hating it :slight_smile:


Taking a swim after work. Also - it gets even better! - finding half a pizza in the fridge coming home. Should be only about 2 days old! #livinglarge


met someone new.
she’s amazing and i want to make her mine.
we’ve had a couple dates, i guess? does going for a couple beers count as a date? (if so, then i have a few hard truths to explain to some of my friends :smiley: )
anyways…now i have to work up the nerve to say “Hey. Let’s make squishy animal noises together”


Today, I owe my happiness to writing this:



Fixed my launchpad mini. Cracked it open and beat the shit out of the USB port as instructed by some indian guy on youtube and now we’re up and running. Sweet


so…the ladies are swooning.
clay models of the ensuing horizontal entwining .
must be presented in stop motion,with detail and slow mo.
jus sayin


My daughter found my Gameboy today and i showed her how to play Super Marioland :sweat_smile: epic moment :wink: