To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Ordered myself one of these in the small acrylic sandwich option:



I have no words for that level of epicness.

I’ve never been a fan of anything in comparison.

I can only imagine what it’s like for you to have a first viewing of new SW films haha.

Mental meltdown?


Let’s just say that I sat and watched TLJ absolutely dumbstruck (and not because it sucked).
I even wrote an entire article just about what I saw in TLJ (it’s not everything because that would take far too long).

But yeah, watching a new film for me is like, “OH! That’s, that’s ____! And THAT! That’s ____! OOO! And THAT! And THAT! Thatthatthatthat and that! etc…”

Let’s just say that I’m one very happy Star Wars fan right now! :slight_smile:



There’s been a huge influx of “Painted Lady” butterflies here lately. Went for a long walk yesterday and literally saw thousands of them:


A week from today I’ll be hangin with @Lug. It’s gonna be epic.

And by “epic” I mean relaxing and laid back.


yay man makes me happy too
I just showed pictures of you to my girlfriend and I got reminded of that unreal beard you have

and then I remembered this that I made four years ago


What the fuck even is that? :joy:

I don’t have a beard at the moment. The hair has migrated back to my head. :stuck_out_tongue:


Picked up this whip today, fucking love it! Turns a 2 hour chore into 30 minute dicking around session.


I had about 40 unread threads on the forum and cleared all of those out, at least replying to those relevant ( to my own contribution) .


I probably spend too much time here


gonna try to attempt at making an album that combines this

with this

and this

lol even though i suck i still is gonna try

also wanted to bump the happy thread




This lady always knows how to put me in a good place after a stressful day at work :slight_smile:



3 years clean today thanks to my family and the good people who run Ambrosia rehab! Couldn’t be happier about that :smile:


Accepted a new job while taking my morning poo.


My new mechanical, telescopic tree lopper arrived here yesterday, and today I’ve been using it to cut the top off the hedges, restoring the ocean view from the garden in the process. It probably sounds more fancy than it is, but so far I’m happy with the result:)

The rest will have to wait a bit, since I discovered nesting birds there (Linaria cannabina) and I don’t want to disturb them.


The shape of things to come! :+1:


Toy Story 4. I was pretty dang reluctant to see it, feeling it’s gonna be the first TS film that is not going to live up to the series’ massive legacy. Boy, was I wrong! Toy Story 4 is great. Loved almost everything about it, well, maybe the final act dragged on a little. Aside from that it’s a phenomenal piece of work, and almost as tear-jerking as TS3.

How the heck do they make these movies so damn relevant to the current stage in my life? smh


Please tell me woody has a midlife crisis and becomes an alcoholic, if so I’m totally in


Well, kinda