To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Damn I’ve at least visited and/or dropped into this place 204 consecutive days, says the profile summary.

I’ll never give you guys up.

Cool to see our main man @White_Noise is right there too.

I think if 200+ days visited says anything, it’s that this place makes me pretty happy.

I’m a bored masochist, basically. :stuck_out_tongue:

IDMf lives forever: pt. 2


So what you mean is...




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LOL, I can’t believe that!

I was pretty good on the old place too, but not this level. Wow.


Just been feeling a lot more confident and happy lately, I think because of a lot of attitude adjustment that I’ve needed for some time. I needed to find a middle ground for my ego, instead of being totally vulnerable or narcissistic all the fucken time. Been getting over a lot of my insecurities, and have been more patient with people, even if I don’t necessarily like them. Having grace with people regardless of them deserving it or not has felt really good lately, because at least I’m trying to make someone else’s day a little better. Idk why but this has been doing wonders for my social anxiety lately

Think I’m getting over being a pessimist lol


my loml


spent nearly $400 dollars on a 12 hour bus ride to see my son graduate high school.
worth it, even if the visit itself was only 2 days.
and then i “let him” kick my ass in Call of Duty and Halo. (translation: the kid is a MONSTER)
After that, I watched him basically school me on Dark Souls 2. Frig…that game is intense, but he basically just walked through it without breaking a sweat.
I just hope he’s able to translate that skill into designing his own games, which is what he’s hoping to go into for college.


Wrote some great music.

You all think it too. Own it. Thats another thing that made me happy today.


finished 10 tracks out of 13, gotta make 3 more tracks then my stupid idm album is complete, happy cause i feel like ive progressed from making random experimental shit to somewhat cohesive experimental shit, i also discovered the hold feature on gross beat

edit: make that 11 out of 13, i surprised myself because of speed


Taking note!



Wife and I went for a swim and a beer at the local lake, a proper German Sunday afternoon.


My Mega SG finally came in. Going to be a delightful Sunday!!


Spaghetti bolognese(meat and red wine tomato sauce) for breakfast


Damn, I didn’t even have that console but great game selection - Earthworm Jim is funny as hell and that Aladdin version was much cooler than the SNES one I had to play ^^


The town I am from made national news!



It’s nice to get recognition for your song… even nicer to get paid. Free tickets is kinda like getting paid!

I posted on Instagram a bit of my most recent track

It is about the paradox of trying to help the Homeless. Through some magic of hashtagerry I won two tickets to this event.

It was benefit for the Homeless and a great show (if you are an old Rocker, which I am… ::e-guitar3::)

Thank you to the forum for all of your help in the LB on this piece. That help elevated ny humble sketch to a legit piece of music.

Onward! :sunglasses:


You killed it man, very well done! Super cool to see you get some street cred for that bit, absolutely deserved! :slight_smile: :beers:


I worked hard on that piece… had a lot of good advice from the LB. I’ve learned a lot from this group. Thank you all! :sunglasses:


After not knowing what to do with half a dozen tracks I’m sitting on that just aren’t “there” yet (this for about 3 months now), something clicked this morning and I’m going to make time to try some new stuff tonight.