To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


I’m finally going back home tomorrow after a week in Nothinghamshire…


And I just found out that Wednesday Otto Von Schirac will play a free gig in a metal pub here in London!




Well shit, I’m turning 31 on monday. Aside from the usual depression that comes with that “30s” jazz, my firestudio died recently. Ten years strong that interface did me, routing countless thousands of hours of my DAW audio. She did me good.

Today, for my birthday, I open a gift from my wife with this inside it:

It came with a card that included a download code for the Odin 2 plugin as well, so I’m fucking ecstatic! Shit is about to get real.


That’s pretty ballsy of her. Unless you casually mentioned you were thinking of buying that specific one at some point to her. Either way, congrats, dude!


Thanks man !

Yeah I was chatting casually about buying it so I guess she just beat me to the chase. Lol

Digi-djent breakcore intensifies


Now thats a nice prezzie. Happy birthday and enjoy the pre-amps.


I think Contra for Nintendo had an equally awesome soundtrack…At least as far as chiptunes on an 8bit console are concerned.


My laptop died last Thursday… the good news is my Data was saved!

I was using my work laptop for my music… always felt a little awkward about that even though it was cool with boss.

Now I get a new work laptop AND I’m committing to buying a personal laptop dedicated to the music studio. It will be so great to come home and just push “Record”… that set up boot up time is an inspiration killer.

This makes me happy! :sunglasses:


This pic hahhaahahahha


Got a C64 Mini as an early birthday present from my wife.

Thank god for file axe and advanced renamer, no real m0ds needed



I’ve got one just sitting in the shed that a coworker just gave me when they moved away (they knew of my c64 love). They owned it since new and it’s in really good shape.

I should get around to kicking it on.





I am happy today because my boss finally recognized that 92F/33C in the office is too fucking hot and we were allowed to work from home the rest of the day. Tomorrow too. It was so hot my “personal AC” that they gave us last year just up and died. :hot_face:


Immediately made me think about this scene from four rooms lol



I have survived the fortnight and paid for some more LPG for cooking


Worked with a local tattoo artist to create something pretty unique. I’ve been wanting a half sleeve since I was eighteen. More work needs to be done in spots and the color is going to be sweet.

First tattoo, first session. Go big or go home. :stuck_out_tongue:


This came in the mail today :slight_smile:


That should make move the inspiration meter up a notch!:sunglasses:


Yes I must admit that a superior keyboard to what I have at present would cause a broad grin, although I would settle for a Korg Volca FM.