To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Drinking champagne cocktails on a terrace overlooking the Sorrento gulf and explaining to my wife that the generic ambient song that’s playing has way tooo much sidechain compression.


Surviving the dream last night where I was lost in a crazy electronic /computer company with retail shop attached. It was very crazy I can assure you.


Sooooooo, I can’t seem to create a new topic in the sideroom (“Catergory is reserved”) and there doesn’t seem to be any tech area, so I’m posting this here because I like this thread:

My sister has been asking me for over a year now about getting a laptop for schoolwork (no games, no music, just basic shit), but I honestly don’t know much about computers anymore (I’m still using Ableton 8 with Windows 8 on a gaming laptop that is slowly dying), so I thought I’d ask you guys.

Just a good, reliable laptop without a bunch of extra crap. She’s computer illiterate. :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps watching the inspiring last in the iThrive series put a lift in the mental attitude. Life without good health is a dull and dead place. So that is where our winning happiness should start.


If I wasn’t on holiday I’d look into this.


Chromebook. Cheap, light, portable. Usual brands are good, Asus etc.


I am discovering sounds among the Kore 2 Player presets that send shivers up the spine and also some inspiration to explore further. If only I had the full kit including the control console…


This track made me happier than it should have…

Now I’m gonna turn Automageddon into a half-tempo depressive industrial reggaeton project.


I fucking love this, btw!
Everything about it - love it.
Thank you for posting it!



Decided not to be a victim of my own agency and circumstance, I’m gonna teach myself calculus and relearn physics including the hard stuff



I highly suggest this book for physics!

Oh, and this one (warning, this is a serious read - used to be a required text for physics students up until the mid-60’s; crying shame it was ever removed…it’s such a good foundation!)

Monetary friendly version…

Hit me up anytime!



@Jayson Thank you


That is so awesome :sunglasses: you GO! :ghost:


the wife racked up a good chuck of change getting furnishings for her new spot. She’s been packing up boxes all today, leaves for a week, comes back in time for her move in date on the 5th.

I should be probably sad or pissed off, but I’m really not. Kind of happy knowing I finally have some time to focus on myself, music, and satisfying my filthy video game addiction (and video game development efforts).

Good stuff.


I have finally decided to start moving my recording gear from its present “studio” to a new location in the “living area” of this unit. It means I will have to find those muscles I have not been using for a while.


I bet you feel energized after finding those muscles :muscle:
If maybe a little lame…:sunglasses:


Spent most of today making music. Looking forward to the morning after test.


I survived another day and there is still sufficient food to sustain me. But it is still early morning and we will see what the day reveals.


Got an absolutely ace Cowboy Bebop poster for my man cave.


well still looking for housing.Julian Castro was here today as well as N.H housing muckety mucks.
i just told them my story and how difficult it is to find affordable rent in this area.
it actually is like this in alot of areas.usually attributed to gentrification,which most people think is a race issue.
it is not,it is a poverty issue. often ignored and overlooked.
if you turn an area into well to do only.and the good paying jobs don’t pay a living wage…
anyway i hope this gets addressed.i am not the only one!