To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Gentrification then. Bleh sorry to read that mate :frowning:


Cut back on my media consumption, tv and internet, by pursuing greater knowledge on my own terms like the predecessors of whom made certain discoveries…i dont really expect anything nor do I hold any illusions of grandeur, just studying math and science a little everyday helps boost my self esteem, and has the added benefit of exercising my neurons instead of my brain becoming steamed vegetables as a result of shitposting, and Netflix and chill/DVR and chill/on demand and chill…


Session #2. Now it fully wraps. Up next is shading. I felt weird wearing a sports tank top. :stuck_out_tongue: And the other pic is blurry, but I’m pressed for time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you ever read Ray Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man”? Perhaps it is a cautionary tale


I love Bradbury and The Illustrated Man.

It’s exactly where I want it length-wise, don’t worry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Each shape/pattern will eventually have its own color scheme. It’ll make sense in the end. I’m not gonna end up like this guy:


Had an idea for the perfect halloween costume for the office which is showing up at work as the invisible man by calling out sick on the day of halloween


We have two weeks left before the leather store closes and I finally got to tell someone to get out of the store. There is a flea market set up across the street at the rec center and I’ve been chasing people out of our very small private parking lot all day. One forty year old Chad got into a quasi argument with me trying to claim all parking lots are public property? Then like an hour later came into the store to ask if someone in his family could use our restroom. I literally couldn’t stop myself from first laughing out loud and second saying “Man, get the fuck out before you embarrass yourself.”


Woo splurged and bought tickets for two concerts. plus prerelease weekend for mtg will be a busy month. I’m the type to play every event at prerelease available which usually means 10am to 4am at the shop. It’s a marathon of skill as I am heavily a spike type player


Uhmmm… Blofeld? Nothing else needs to be said…


Old but gold


Yes, Sapling we can learn a lot from those creatures we denigrate as the “lower animals”. Let him who has eyes to see and ears to hear…


I read further in a book by and watched a youtube video from Brad Warner, i really like his way of looking at / teaching zen buddhism.


I like it. Yes there are so many “giant monsters” our there in the world and some are called “big business” and some can be seen when you look in the mirror.


That thing is looking slick! Expecting you to make it work for its nice new location!



and Whiskey.

and Deftones…

… over and over…

“I could float here forever”


Clone Wars season 6 ‘The Lost Missions’ on blu-ray has until today eluded me. Its a bugger to get in this country. Yay for Amazon US :slight_smile:


Going to sign my new lease today!
I am so glad that BS is over with.
New digs = new tracks.


Great news matey, hope it marks happier times ahead :slight_smile:


Fuck yeah bro. Finally something has to give, eh! :slight_smile: <3 :beers:


Rick I hope the new “digs” are all you hope them to be. I have been through the process four times and one landed me in what I called the “dog kennel” and I think it was a converted garage! The present accommodation while not ideal is much, much better.