To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


dude, I feel this fucking shit hard.

New Orleans is not a place to work when your AC is out. “WHERE MY FUCKIN A-CONS???”

that’s been my life the last week. humidity is the biggest fucking bitch. it’s like breathing through a fucking sponge.


holy shit dude that is fucking DOPEONAROPE. where’d you get it/who did it?


love to you rick. hope you are feeling better. make shitloads of music.


Eating mozzarella sticks and having a class canceled


I was in NO a few years ago in May and it sucked…I cannot imagine July there. Sponge indeed.


Thanks!! A dude in my hometown is working on it. Took my friend who works with him four years to convince me to get one from him, and now that I’m back for a bit I figured it was time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought up the initial idea and sent him some mockups, but this has become quite the project. We’re adding another pattern to go higher up into my armpit, because I need that shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

After he took a look at it last week he decided to scrap any shading and do everything in color (which was what I was hoping for). He got out his catalog and had me circle a bunch of shit, and my friend was like “I’ve never seen him do this for anyone before!” This thing is gonna be frickin’ sweet. All color fully wrapped, no skin showing. Next appointment is on Thursday.

Also, what made me happy, I finally decided to go back to school to get another degree that isn’t a useless art degree. I gotta get out of this town, but this time I’m going to do it the right way. :+1:


I got a Twofer… finally made the plunge and signed up wit RouteNote… seems to be working out so far. Pleasantly surprised to see my music on Spotify, Apple Music … etc. within a few days. We’ll see how it goes. :hugs:

The second thing? Finally got my new work laptop… gonna try it out and see whether I’m going to get the same for a personal laptop… or upgrade it.

Bottom line… stay tuned! I’m gonna start recording again! :sunglasses:



I’ve been considering DistroKid. Not entirely certain.

I’d be interested how that goes for you. :slight_smile:



I now have a distro with sound again. A while back I got a you need to activate windows on my com. I was a second hand one that had come from an office job lot. Tried to activate and got this widows is not genuine.So, I decided to give Linux a go. I had nothing to lose and made a multi-boot usb to try some out. Ended up installing Ubuntu Studio. There were a couple of things off the bat that I didn’t like. No scroll bar, which sucks unless you have touch screen, and firefox the browser that they put in for you, with a dropdown you can’t read cos it’s black on black, but it was functioning so I kept it. Then all of a sudden I lost sound out of one channel of my little usb mixer. Tried the fixes I could find on the net. Got sound back, but not if I was on the web. After a week of trying to find a solution, I decided F it. I don’t use half the stuff anyways. Look for a different distro. There were 3 things that it must have. Audacity and Open Shot in the repository, and work with my usb mixer without me having to dick around in the settings. MX Linux had the same sound problem, as did Bohdi and AV Linux. Tried Solus 4 sound yea, but when I tried to install it, It wouldn’t let me enter a username, so I was stopped from installing. So I took a gamble on Manjaro, which is based on Arch Linux (for intermediate and up), but someone had reviewed it and said that it wasn’t that difficult once it’s installed. Put it on a usb, booted it up, and sound on the internet. Installed it , and it’s really easy to get around, and shit just works. So I can now comment on peoples tracks again, if you wondered why I suddenly went quiet. Missed voting on BB102 though, as I couldn’t really listen with only one channel.


I have an older work lappy sitting around that I was thinking about loading Linux on. I will check that distro out. I am a Windows guy at work, so I have no been doing much else PC-wise for years. Bout time I load something else up and play with it. Good plan for the late, cold nights ahead.


I installed the KDE Plazma version. There’s a XFCE and GNOME versions. The computer is an old Dell Optiplex 3020 with a gen 4 i3 3.2 processor and 4 gig of ram. I’ve been a windows guy, until a couple of months ago, That shit with the windows activation, made me decide to finally bite the bullet, after saying I would try Linux for about three years, but as I’m not that much of a computer geek, I always talked myself out of it. Pretty impressed with this so far, not so much with Ubuntu. It’s all a lot easier now.


Finally decided to pull the trigger on some studio monitors… I’ve put this off for so long, so I decided I’d get something that would take a while to outgrow and got some Adam Audio A7Xs, should be here in two days :smiley: also got speaker stands, cables and a small yamaha mixer so my interface can feed to my monitors. Feels really good to finally be getting my shit together when it comes to gear


I’m suprised, Ubuntu is pretty good as far as Linux distorts go, what version did you use?


The latest Studio, so I think it was 19.04. The things that annoyed me most were the blacked out drop screen in FireFox, which I haven’t had in any distro I’ve tested. Even if Dark Theme is disabled, it’s still the same. Fire Fox is the browser they give you, so you would expect it to function properly. Also the volume bar drop down was almost invisible. The no scroll bar, which I know they were trying to appeal to people with touch screens, but would have not been better to have a setting to disable it. It’s not just the inability to grab it to fly up and down the page, but also indicates how much more scrolling you have to do to get to the bottom. Then losing the audio in 1 channel and then both, and only being able to get it back for internal and not the web browser. I’m glad I changed. I mean it’s nice, but I don’t need all that stuff. My whole music making process is out the box, it’s only if I’m preparing some samples or wanting to knock up a vid. I just want something stable. I don’t need cutting edge. Manjaro may not have the latest software on it (Audacity 2.3.2 as to Unbutu Studio’s 2.4.2) but I can live with that.


Well … so far so good. My music is up across numerous platforms. I’m especially happy that i can now say “yes” to the inevitable question…”are you on Spotify?” Helps move the conversation along…

What convinced me was it’s so flexible… you can change your mind, if needed, on so many levels. One of the choices is FREE! In exchange for 15% of revenue. That works for me…

Remains to be seen how useful it is increasing exposure… but of course that’s my job :sunglasses:


Just got my JV1010 back after a month or so (seriously missed having it around). Unfortunately the guy hasn’t been able to fix the problem reading expansion cards yet. So they are waiting for another working one to come in from Japan. When it does, they’ll give me a ring, so I can take mine back for the repair guy to have another look, as he’ll have a working one to compare to.


Now that all the dust has settled on my divorce and things, and I’ve rebuilt my living space and studio… I was remembering a few weeks ago during a fight something my ex-wife said.

“If you spent half the time you do with me as you do on that fucking FORUM maybe things would be different”.

She says this, even though I’m the person that left? Huh.

Still makes me giggle. Moreso now.

Imagine being jealous of spending time in a place like this



I had no idea where else to post this, so I’m just going to put it here because it’s also happy material.

Humble is running a pretty killer graphic design bundle by Corel for anyone who’s interested. I always get excited over this one (it seems to happen annually with an upgrade to all of their newest shit) and the Magix one, which I’ll hopefully be posting about in a month or two.


I’m pretty sure IDMF led to a lot of serious breakups for me. Thankfully I married someone who’s convinced she has asperger’s, so I don’t have to (and never will) deal with that shit ever again.

My second favorite is, “You’re always making music”. Usually by people who have no hobbies of their own.


Music is hard.

I don’t know why no one talkin about secret of music maybe because it is secret. :smile::smile::smile::space_invader::v:

Btw i buy a hair dryer for myself and i’m very happy man.:smiley: