To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Congrats:) My partner thorugh many years is an aspie as well. Aspies forever!


I played guitar after a while of not doing anything. Had a little burnout few months back and I’ve been trying to take it as easy as I can. Well, after a break playing feels great but sounds like shit… you got to start somewhere and petting my telemarker warms up our relationship pretty fast :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Edit: Couldn’t embed video in the post cuz I could not embed the video in the post


Been working on a track for a couple of years on and off. I’d actually forgotten about it for a while.
Did some more on at the weekend and its been passing the ‘Morning After’ test significantly.

Turns out what it had been lacking was more shouting and grunting.


I know this well,i myself am just starting up w/guitar again.
it really sucks when your skills atrophy. its there but…sounds like shit.
grrrrrr.keep at it.
(edit) my playing not yours.


Two sessions into coloring. Up next is more pink. Once it’s finished, I’ll get some proper 360 photos of the entire thing. This is getting really hard to photograph. :stuck_out_tongue:

Street art meets geometry is the theme, which has led to an interesting mixture of harsh edges and loose freeform.


wow! great tat!


interwebz installed today!


That’s awesome :sunglasses:


It reminds me of “The Illustrated Man”.



it will take a bit to build another machine but i have a 2tb seagate barracuda i never installed.
and 16 gb of corsair dominator platinum left over as its a start.
now all i need is a mother board…cpu…power supply…case…video card…hmmm yeah.
a ps3 or 4 and a partridge in a pear tree.
so good to have my own place…just…since 2011 i have been a caretaker of both parents and apparently bought my sister a house w/my was never my money my sister says…grumble fuck sigh bitch.
stolen from me is the real story.but i digress.
so now i am a private contractor who solicits donations!
anyone got spare parts? wink wink nudge nudge.
so yeah happy camper getting back in to life.
now if only i can get laid…


Fuck yeah rix! Looking sharp man. Nice little set up too, that’s awesome. Stoked shit is finally getting sorted for you my man <3


more awesomeness
You guys for helping to keep me sane
spent some time rebuilding my new york stat into a fat strat(see the guitars and things with strings thread)you will love my tools of choice.
just the overwhelming feeling of…dunno fucking happiness!
I have a home (gimme a sec. gotta shed a tear)
a million pounds is off my back!
and i have been making the shit out of some music!
yeah so fuuuuu…i really don’t know how to process all this.
just thanks for being you mad cunt’s!


Wrote some horribly insipid and catchy tune which I immediately recoiled from. Added scathing though admittedly on-the-nose lyrics.
Laughed my arse off. Definitely doing this.


my idea at 4 in the morning
Here be Dragons.
so i had the fabulous and stupendous idea of starting my own damn channel.
The idea is to create an idmf news type update show complete with bullshit commercials,
fresh commentary on idmf happenings ,Releases (if its ok)strictly for about and by the idmf community.
Basically to showcase the talent here in a humorous and fun way IDMF style.which is in my opinion waaaasy better than gundam style.
Obviously this in infancy,however if you have videos music pictures or commentary about idmf feel free to contribute.No NSFW or politics. Think funny artistic stupid or fantastic.
P.M me with ideas links etc.or email!
I hope this goes well. i will put this together and with any luck it will take off.
If anyone is opposed to this thats ok.dont watch it.
if anyone thinks its a bad idea keep it to yourself.
AHEM! so on to the not the show yet just be giving you a guided tour of casa de RixtR
If you have vertigo you might want to avoid watching this.
not a preview of things to come,just me excising my manic 4 in the morning WTF.
so things might get sideways,random and generally unprofessional.


Cigarettes rolled from bible pages? wth?!


Yes you god fearin folks may object however "god will provide"and"god works in mysterious ways.
I am big on"be fruitfull and multiply"without the fruits of my labor of course.


Got my nicotine substitute today
i’m Very happy bro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nicotine substitute… you mean you bought another synth? :smiley:


so i got up this morning sipping some coffe crusing youtube and found this


Not owning a dog.

On my hike today I witnessed two separate instances of loose dogs attacking each other, - their useless owners running around shouting and flailing their arms uselessly, like demented cirkus clowns, while their dogs fought each other as they liked.

A while later I witnessed a loose dog attacking a jogger as well.

With surprising strength and speed the guy actually wrestled the dog to the ground, by the throat, - and threatened to kill it.

Bizzarely, the owner of that dog only ever talked to the dog - and did not even apologise for his lack of control.

Instead he just repeadedly asked the dog what it was thinking:

"What are you THINKING, Freyja, What are you THINKING, Freyja, What are you THINKING, Freyja,What are you THINKING, Freyja? etc…

Like he was stuck in a panic loop. It was pretty surreal.

But yeah, the dog was allowed to live and the jogger eventually jogged on - seemingly unharmed. I actually kind of got the impression he’d done it before - maybe with other dogs. Who knows?

Finally, on my way back, I met some guys out searching for an escaped dachshound, - which I never saw. One of them looked like he’d been crying.

People are weird.

Keep your dog on a leash guys!